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Choosing To Hire A Houston Landscape Design Company
From delightful butterfly gardens to lush tropical oases, Houston landscape design is a study in opulence and variety.
Published: Monday 29 December, 2014
Create An Oasis With Rock Fountains In A Backyard
More homeowners are looking to create an oasis of solitude and natural beauty in their back yards with rock fountains. Perhaps that is why Prime Lawn, a family owned and operated landscape design company based in Kingwood, TX, has seen a growth in popularity of water features.
Published: Monday 29 December, 2014
Why Choose Prime Lawn For Fish Ponds & Water Feature Designs?
Creating unique, attractive fish ponds and water feature designs takes real skill. Not only do these installers need expertise in construction, they need to have an eye for unique feature arrangement.
Published: Monday 29 December, 2014
What Are Popular Garden Water Features & Installation Ideas?
Homeowners that want to adorn the garden with water features can find ideas everywhere as the possibilities are endless. Flowers, trees and other plants are essential to creating an outdoor retreat, but if a homeowner wants a real paradise, the sound and grace of water canít be beat.
Published: Monday 29 December, 2014
What Does Hardscaping Usually Consist Of?
When hardscaping is designed and installed correctly, the results can be tremendous. Itís the perfect complement to planting areas and can bring definition to the space.
Published: Tuesday 02 December, 2014
Installing A Backyard Waterfall Can Improve The Look Of A Home
Few design flourishes are as enchanting as a backyard waterfall, and they are a lot easier to install than a homeowner might expect. In general, a skilled professional can place one of these features into any space, no matter how much room there is or how the design of the space.
Published: Tuesday 02 December, 2014
Popular Ways To Combine Water Features And Fountains
Water features with fountains are becoming a popular addition to properties that need a little more visual interest.
Published: Monday 01 December, 2014
How Do Underground Irrigation Systems Work?
Underground irrigation systems may seem complicated at first, but they are actually easy to understand, no matter a personís skill level. Also known as sprinkler systems, the goal of the setup is to water the property in zones.
Published: Monday 17 November, 2014
How Can Hardscaping Design Improve The Look Of A Home?
Hardscaping design can mean a multitude of things, from simple gravel paths to sprawling stone patios. In general, this term refers to any project that uses some type of stone to create addition function or visual interest around the homeís exterior.
Published: Friday 14 November, 2014
What Are The Primary Components Of A Sprinkler Irrigation System
On any property with significant landscaping, a sprinkler irrigation system is eventually going to be a must. An automated setup can save a whole lot of time and water, and will help maintain better yard health overall.
Published: Friday 14 November, 2014
Concerns About Adding Large Backyard Ponds For Homeowners
How big does a yard have to be to accommodate large backyard ponds? What are some unique challenges when putting in large backyard ponds? What restrictions exist on these water features?
Published: Wednesday 12 November, 2014
What Are Some Popular Ideas For Landscaping And Waterfalls?
What are the benefits of landscaping and waterfalls? Should a professional be contracted to install landscaping and waterfalls? What are other features a professional can help a homeowner install?
Published: Friday 07 November, 2014
Common Questions About Front Yard Landscaping Plans
How do front yard landscaping plans differ from backyard ideas? Why should a homeowner get professional assistance when developing front yard landscaping plans?
Published: Friday 07 November, 2014
What Types Of Stone & Rock Water Feature Designs Are Available?
Few things can make a pond stand out like an intricately designed rock or stone water feature. These visually striking installations have been used for years to impart a natural and dynamic look around a pond or waterfall.
Published: Friday 07 November, 2014
Why Hire A Certified Aquascape Contractor For Water Features
Home and business owners can realize their dream of a backyard paradise by tapping into the expertise of a certified Aquascape contractor (CAC).
Published: Thursday 06 November, 2014
Frequently Asked Questions About Rainwater Harvesting
Why is rainwater harvesting becoming more popular? Why is Texas considered to be at the forefront of rainwater harvesting? What does a rainwater harvesting system look like?
Published: Wednesday 01 October, 2014
What Are The Steps Involved With Backyard Pond Building?
When looking to enhance a backyard, pong building is something that an individual can do with concerted effort, but professional installation is faster, safer and will produce a superior water feature. A common mistake homeowners make when constructing a pond is not spending enough time planning.
Published: Tuesday 30 September, 2014
August 2014 Hunter Preferred Program Statement
August 2014 Hunter Preferred Program Statement
Published: Thursday 04 September, 2014
Enhance Your Yard With Various Landscaping Tips
While creating a lovely yard can be quite expensive, there are landscaping tips that enhance yard features, without breaking the bank. Simply altering the structure of a flowerbed can beautify an outdoor space tremendously. Plain square and rectangular plots are things of the past.
Published: Monday 18 August, 2014
Questions When Looking For Fish Ponds For Sale
When looking for fish ponds for sale, it is important to consider the landscape of a home, the budget one has to work with, and the kind of a pool one is looking for to add style to their home. Water features immediately add elegance and sophistication to any home.
Published: Monday 18 August, 2014
Reasons Hiring An Experienced Pond Contractor Is Crucial
A homeowner should select their pond contractor carefully, as building a large water feature is a complicated process. A number of challenges can emerge during construction and resolving these means trusting an experienced and knowledgeable professional.
Published: Friday 18 July, 2014
Free Standing Water Features Are A Great Addition To Yard
Free standing water features add a special touch to backyards, patios, or landscapes. The structure is easily added to small and large spaces alike, and it is the top upgrade to a yard second only to a fire pit.
Published: Friday 18 July, 2014
What Homeowners Need To Know Before Installing Deck Ponds?
Deck ponds are the perfect choice for a homeowner that has an existing deck or patio area, but does not have enough outdoor space for a traditional sized pond. Just as they sound, it is a pond built either directly into a deck or on top of it.
Published: Friday 11 July, 2014
Granite Water Features Come In Three Unique Designs
Granite water features add a touch of serenity to any front or back yard. These fixtures are often earthy in color and add additional texture to any outdoor space. Homeowners have many different options to choose from when selecting the perfect granite feature.
Published: Thursday 10 July, 2014
Ways Pond Maintenance Can Protect The Water And Fish
Many homeowners who consider installing water features are scared off by pond maintenance. Keeping a feature healthy and beautiful, though, is much easier than it seems. As long as it is installed correctly and fitted with the right equipment, a feature requires minimal work to balance its ecology.
Published: Thursday 10 July, 2014
The Most Important Elements Of Building A Koi Pond
Building a koi pond is not as simple as digging out a hole, filling it with water and placing fish in it. Itís a complicated process that shouldnít be attempted by an amateur, or it may result in a pool full of sick or dead fish.
Published: Tuesday 08 July, 2014
There Are Many Popular Options For Hard Landscaping
Hard landscaping is the art of creating a beautiful outside area with stones, wood and other metal. This type of outdoor landscaping uses long lasting materials to add an unusual touch to any backyard. Brick, wood and stone are common elements that homeowners use to create this charming look.
Published: Tuesday 08 July, 2014
How To Get Quality Landscape Services
Homeowners that are looking to refurbish an outdoor living area want quality landscape. In the Kingwood Texas area, Prime Lawn is a family owned company that can make this dream happen.
Published: Monday 07 July, 2014
Hiring A Professional When Planning To Add Waterfalls For Ponds
Designing waterfalls for ponds takes forethought and planning. The first consideration is whether to hire a professional landscaper or tackle the project yourself. The difficulty level (and price) depends on the intricacy of the design and the natural shape of the intended location.
Published: Monday 07 July, 2014
Design Landscaping Transforms An Outdoor Area
Design landscaping provides an attractive addition to any outdoor area. This process is a true art form. Simple yards can be transformed into an oasis of lush greenery with the help of the expert team, Prime Lawn, in the Kingwood, Texas area.
Published: Monday 07 July, 2014
Residential Irrigation Systems Provide Water To A Landscape
Residential irrigation systems provide water to a lush and beautiful landscape area. In the heat of the summer, many lawns can become dry and brittle without the proper amount of water.
Published: Wednesday 02 July, 2014
Why Outdoor Hardscape Ideas Can Benefit A Yard
No two yards are alike, which is why outdoor hardscape ideas might be the right look for a backyard. While some yards are perfect with grass and flowers, others may benefit from stone or tile work. Prime Lawn offers services to the greater Houston area, including Kingwood and The Woodlands.
Published: Wednesday 02 July, 2014
Three Simple And Affordable Patio Landscaping Ideas
Households that are tight on space can still benefit from beautiful and unique patio landscaping ideas. A small space can have as much personality, if not more, than a large open area. It is easy to cover-up small flaws or imperfections, and problem areas can blend into the design.
Published: Tuesday 01 July, 2014
Improve Your Yard By Adding Landscaped Gardens
Ever felt jealous when youíve seen landscaped gardens that seem to transform a backyard? Are you sick of looking out your kitchen window into an overgrown, less than appealing lawn? Well, now is the time to create a breathtaking oasis that is yours to indulge in.
Published: Tuesday 24 June, 2014
Hardscaping Pictures Of Prime Lawn Projects
Prime Lawn services customers in Kingwood, TX and surrounding areas, including Houston. The hardscaping pictures feature just a few of the projects they have completed.
Published: Friday 20 June, 2014
Prime Lawn Can Help With Various Hardscape Design Plans
When executed correctly, a hardscape design plan can add value to any home. Whether itís something big like a full kitchen and dining area, or something small like a stacked wall, there are several ways for a homeowner to have an outdoor living space that suits their wants and needs.
Published: Friday 20 June, 2014
How Can Homeowners Prepare To Build A Pond?
Many homeowners wanting to update or increase the value of their home will try to build a pond in their yard. Where do you start? Letís just start with some basics and you can get more detail after you familiarize yourself with these.
Published: Friday 20 June, 2014
Landscaping Ideas For A Front Yard That Will Make It Stand Out
Nothing says more about your house than your front yard. Itís the first thing people see when they visit, and a good first impression is important. So what are some landscaping ideas for your front yard that will make it stand out?
Published: Thursday 19 June, 2014
What Kinds Of Hard Landscaping Can Prime Lawn Install?
With the right hard landscaping, a homeowner can greatly increase the value of their property. In some cases, this boost in value can reach as high as an additional 10 percent, making it an enormously effective investment into the home.
Published: Wednesday 18 June, 2014
Deciding Between Getting Custom Or Preformed Ponds
Preformed ponds can transform any backyard from boring and plain to conversation worthy and elegant with exceptional ease. Reservoirs or basins can create an oasis-like atmosphere that promotes calmness and tranquility in any yard.
Published: Wednesday 18 June, 2014
The Most Popular Types Of Outdoor Water Features
Outdoor water features are one of the most commonly used formations that improve the curb appeal of a home. Whether placed in the front yard or back yard, they can add a touch of beauty and tranquility that draws people in.
Published: Tuesday 17 June, 2014
The Steps For Having A Waterwall Installed In A Garden
While some of these designs are seen in offices, many homeowners ask to have a waterwall in a backyard garden area. This unique creation adds a pleasing visual appearance and a calming effect on the sensations.
Published: Tuesday 17 June, 2014
How Can Someone Find Pond Ideas For Backyards?
When a homeowner looks outside, pond ideas may come to mind. Today, almost any design in regards to the backyard can be created. It takes a special company that listens to the customer and tries to make their dream a reality.
Published: Tuesday 17 June, 2014
The Process Of Installing Concrete Fountains
Sit back and picture walking by lovely concrete fountains with birds playfully stirring up the water. For many people, these additions to a backyard provide added tranquility and aesthetic charm to the outdoor space.
Published: Thursday 12 June, 2014
An Irrigation System Is Essential For Healthy Yard
An irrigation system is a basic, but essential, part of yard maintenance. Without a professionally designed setup, a homeowner will have trouble keeping their landscaping in a healthy condition.
Published: Thursday 12 June, 2014
Why Is A Pondless Waterfall Beneficial?
For people who want all the beauty and serenity of a water structure without the hassle and liability, a pondless waterfall is an excellent choice. They are becoming more popular due to their efficient design and lovely options.
Published: Tuesday 10 June, 2014
Questions To Ask About Adding Pond Fountains
Imagine looking out into the backyard and seeing beautiful pond fountains. Today, many gardeners are sprucing up the outdoor area with these lovely items. Once a customer decides on purchasing this unique addition, the next question inevitably is how much will this cost in design and installation?...
Published: Tuesday 10 June, 2014
What Are Simple Landscaping Ideas That Are Budget Friendly?
Looking for a couple of simple landscaping ideas that can improve your yard and not empty your wallet?
Published: Thursday 05 June, 2014
Choosing To Add Water Features For Small Gardens
Water features for small gardens will make a welcome addition to any outdoor area, no matter the size. Business and home owners can utilize the expertise of a company that specializes in outdoor upgrades for the best results.
Published: Wednesday 04 June, 2014
Searching For Backyard Ideas To Improve An Outdoor Living Area
The beginning of the summer season means more people are thinking of backyard improvement ideas. Even homeowners on a tight budget can beautify their outdoor living space in a number of ways.
Published: Friday 30 May, 2014
What Is The Pond Building And Installation Process?
Designing and installing a pond, or building an addition to any backyard can be an exciting adventure and can add valued price to any property. However, if done improperly, it can be a devastating and costly disaster.
Published: Wednesday 28 May, 2014
Homeowners Have A Number Of Pond Designs Available
There are a staggering number of pond designs available to homeowners, so extensive planning is needed before starting any project.
Published: Friday 23 May, 2014
Things To Consider When Planning To Install Garden Ponds
Garden ponds are a fantastic and unique way to add value to any property. A relaxing oasis sitting outside the back door seems more like something a homeowner only dreams about instead of achieving.
Published: Friday 23 May, 2014
Looking For Options Of Front Yard Landscaping Ideas
There is an abundance of front yard landscaping ideas that are sure to wow neighbors and the casual passersby alike. The overall appearance will not only stand out amongst the other homes on the block, but when chosen carefully it can boost curb appeal if and when the home was put up for sale.
Published: Thursday 15 May, 2014
How Is An Underground Sprinkler System Installed?
An underground sprinkler system has to be precisely designed and installed to produce the desired spread of watering. To do this, many things have to be taken into account. This includes water pressure, flow rates, the size and grade of the yard, and the nature of the plants in the yard.
Published: Thursday 15 May, 2014
Where To Find Low Maintenance Water Features For Ponds
Water features for ponds can add function and form to the installation, giving it a unique look that will draw attention. Fountains and falls are the most popular additions to these installations, and they can be integrated into almost any build.
Published: Wednesday 14 May, 2014
What Are The Advantages Of Backyard Ponds And Waterfalls?
If a homeowner wants to build backyard ponds and waterfalls, should they hire a specialist? What is the process for constructing these water fixtures? How much space is needed?
Published: Friday 09 May, 2014
Why Consider Adding Koi Ponds With A Landscape Company?
For the budding landscaping enthusiast, koi ponds might seem like a difficult endeavor to undertake. But, with the right professional landscapers helping out, they are easy to construct, even easier to maintain, and they can enhance any backyard experience.
Published: Thursday 08 May, 2014
How To Select Modern Water Features For A Home
Modern water features often look like works of art and can be built to fit nearly any style of home. There are an endless number of contemporary pond and fountain designs available, and a skilled installer can create a piece thatís worth talking about and sitting around.
Published: Wednesday 07 May, 2014
Why Does Lawn Irrigation Design Need Help From A Professional?
What is lawn irrigation design? What benefits are there to having a professional help with the process?
Published: Tuesday 06 May, 2014
What Are The Most Common Myths Of Owning A Pond?
Why are there so many myths of owning a pond? What other features can help improve the health of a pond?
Published: Monday 05 May, 2014
What Are Different Hardscaping Ideas For Small Backyards?
Finding hardscaping ideas for small backyards can be exciting, beginning the process of turning a dull and boring space into a homeowner's dream. Many families choose to remodel the inside of their homes in an attempt to freshen it up and increase the profit of its overall value.
Published: Friday 02 May, 2014
How Are Pondless Waterfalls And Waterfalls With A Pond Different
There are a few notable differences between pondless waterfalls and waterfalls with a pond, though both can offer beauty and tranquility to any yard. Which is most appropriate will depend on a number of factors, and both can be customized in a variety of ways.
Published: Thursday 01 May, 2014
Where To Find Hardscaping Ideas For A Front Yard
There are so many viable hardscaping ideas for a front yard that a homeowner may be overwhelmed by the available options. These can range from simple, small stone installations to sprawling designs that incorporate planting areas, water features and various layers of stone, brick or concrete.
Published: Wednesday 30 April, 2014
Why Hire Professionals For Installing Custom Water Features
There are many reasons to consider custom water features for your home. These personalized additions enhance your home's environment in various ways. They can add elegance and classic beauty to any landscape setting.
Published: Tuesday 29 April, 2014
What Are Popular Types Of Garden Water Features?
Installing garden water features to any backyard can create a relaxing oasis away from the stresses and burdens of everyday life. Many travel to tropical areas, relaxing resorts, or exotic locations because the scenery and gentle flow of water can create a soothing and stress free environment.
Published: Thursday 10 April, 2014
How Are Patio Waterfalls Installed With A Landscape Expert?
How much space is needed to install patio waterfalls? Why should an expert be hired to install an accent feature like this?
Published: Wednesday 09 April, 2014
When Should Water Feature Specialists Be Hired With Prime Lawn?
A homeowner is going to need the help of water feature specialists before installing a fountain or pond. While it may be tempting to roll up your sleeves and do the work alone, most people find that there is much more to it than it seems.
Published: Friday 04 April, 2014
Why Should Installing Pavers And Hardscapes Be Considered?
Concrete pavers and hardscapes offer a coveted mix of beauty, durability and affordability, making them a popular installation for homes or commercial properties. This building material was invented by the Dutch following World War II as a brick replacement.
Published: Friday 04 April, 2014
How Can Stone Water Features Be Used In A Yard Or Garden?
Homeowners looking for the perfect accent for their yard or garden will find stone water features to be an ideal fit in every way. This material is incredibly versatile and comes in dozens of varieties.
Published: Thursday 03 April, 2014
What Is A Pondless Waterfall?
What is a pondless waterfall? It is a stream or waterfall that is built without a pond. It is a popular feature for homeowners that want to have a simpler water feature in their garden.
Published: Friday 14 March, 2014
Why Are Backyard Ponds A Great Addition For A Home?
Backyard ponds can be an aesthetically soothing and beautiful addition to any backyard. It is best to hire a licensed contractor to help with the design and installation. The contractor can advise the homeowner on all aspects of the area being utilized.
Published: Thursday 13 March, 2014
What Are The Different Options For A Fountain Design?
With the right fountain design, a yardís water features can command attention, providing an artistic accent that others will envy. These water features are available in a limitless number of builds so they can be integrated into any homeís look.
Published: Thursday 06 March, 2014
How Can Landscaping Be Improved With Water Features?
When setting up landscaping, what water features are an ideal fit? Why should a professional be hired to install ponds, fountains or waterfalls?
Published: Wednesday 05 March, 2014
What Are Common Questions About Pond Construction
Should a professional be hired for pond construction? What are some design ideas for these water features?
Published: Tuesday 04 March, 2014
What Are The Types Of Water Feature Designs
A garden is something that homeowners want to show off, which is why people often turn to one of many water feature designs to finish off the space. Incorporating fountains, ponds, rills or falls into the garden can add visual impact and sound, tranquility and motion.
Published: Monday 03 March, 2014
How To Select The Best Koi Pond Design Option
Koi pond design evolved in many ways from the earliest records of carp being bred for their color in China over 1,000 years ago. With all of the changes and options for this water feature, what remains is the pleasure and relaxation of the colorful fish in a natural-looking setting.
Published: Thursday 27 February, 2014
Why Does A Landscape Benefit From Waterfalls
No serene landscape is complete without waterfalls and the motion and sound they bring to the yard. When combined with ponds or fountains, lush plants and an interesting rock build, these features can be the centerpiece in a dynamic, beautiful oasis.
Published: Wednesday 26 February, 2014
What Are The Different Backyard Pond Ideas To Choose From?
There are an overwhelming number of backyard pond ideas for a homeowner that wants to make their property stand out. Large water features can be designed to fit nearly any space and can take on any aesthetic a homeowner wants.
Published: Friday 21 February, 2014
How Can Waterfalls Improve A Home's Landscape?
Waterfalls are among the most beautiful features a homeowner can choose to place on their property. These features offer a number of benefits to a homeís landscape, both functional and aesthetic in nature.
Published: Friday 31 January, 2014
Why Should A Family Get Water Features That Are Safe For Kids
A family that has children or expects to entertain children often should consider water features that are safe for kids before installing anything in the backyard. One of the leading causes of death for children under the age of 14 is drowning, and many of these occur while at home.
Published: Thursday 30 January, 2014
What Are The Most Common Koi Ponds Questions & Answers
What are the benefits of installing Koi ponds? What options does a homeowner have when installing these water features?
Published: Thursday 30 January, 2014
When Looking To Add Water Features To Your Landscape
There are an endless number of options available if you would like to add water features to your landscape or property. With a skilled designer and installer, a pond or fountain can be made into a work of art and the centerpiece of any yard.
Published: Tuesday 28 January, 2014
Questions And Answers About Backyard Ponds And Waterfalls
What does it take for a backyard to include ponds and waterfalls? Will a homeowner need professional assistance when placing these water features?
Published: Friday 24 January, 2014
Why Is A Backyard Pond Beneficial To A Property?
The impact of a backyard pond is hard to measure because it brings many intangible benefits to a property. Once it is placed, it will likely serve as the center of activity outside, being an area for entertaining guests and stealing a moment of peace and quiet.
Published: Thursday 23 January, 2014
How To Choose Water Features For The Garden
Water features intended for the garden should embody tranquility, introspection and grace. In planting areas, the landscape will take up a large part of the area, so a designer will need to be creative to find that fountain or pond to finish off the look.
Published: Thursday 23 January, 2014
What Are The Options Of Creative Water Features?
There are a number of creative water features available for homeowners that want to add grace and interest to a garden or other backyard space. Ponds, fountains and waterfalls can be used in a countless number of combinations, evoking any look or feel a homeowner would want.
Published: Wednesday 22 January, 2014
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