Bar and Grill Area

Bar and Grill Area Options For Outdoors or PatiosThere are almost no limitations on what a homeowner can do with a bar and grill area outside. Instead of settling for a simple standalone barbeque and some lawn furniture, consider putting together some hardscaping designed with aesthetics in mind. These outdoor retreats can be small and attached to the side of the home or standalone and big enough to entertain dozens of people. Before setting off on an outdoor project, though, there are several things to consider.

For one, if the bar and grill area will use gas or electricity, utility lines will need to be run to the spot
. The closer the spot is to the home, the easier and less expensive it will be to run the line. Gas and electrical supply lines can be run at pretty much any distance on a standard residential property. However, outdoor areas are unique in that, with special planning, they don’t require any utility lines. If the homeowner decides to go with a wood-burning grill, then a utility line may not be required. However, if a homeowner wants to keep their drinks ice cold, then a fridge and electricity will be needed.

A homeowner can design their outdoor retreat in hundreds of ways, from traditional to contemporary, classical to artistic. The options are limitless. A bar and grill area that matches the aesthetic of the home is normally the best option as it will blend in well with the house. Consider separating the retreat with glass walls and outfit the spot with a TV for entertaining on game day. Adding a tranquil water feature like a fountain or fish pond can make the spot a relaxing oasis. Or, go the traditional route and build the spot up with stone and cover it with a pergola. A large pergola will protect the retreat from inclement weather and provide shade on intense summer days. Pergolas range in size and can be large enough to cover dozens of people. However, if a homeowner only wants to entertain a few close friends regularly, a small pergola built out from the home can provide a nice seating area to relax, have a few drinks and catch up.

If the spot is going to become a focused entertainment hangout, plan everything in advance. Incorporating electronics into the project means determining the best placement for a TV or sound system. This will determine where cooking appliances are installed. Because the spot will likely be used most often at night, make sure that task lighting is installed around the kitchen prep area and barbeque. This will allow people to easily see at night and make food preparation possible at night. For safety reasons, install lighting around the edges of the hardscaping to keep people from falling or tripping.

Finally, find building materials that work best for the project. Stainless steel is a popular choice for appliances and cooking areas because it is easy to keep sanitary for food and requires minimal maintenance. Stone, granite and wood are also common because they evoke a rustic or elegant look that many homeowners want.

The only limit for these projects is imagination. A talented professional can bring to life any design a homeowner wants and can ensure that the spot is a treasured part of the home for years to come.

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