How To Choose A Houston Landscape Design Company

How To Choose A Houston Landscape Design CompanyThe vision of a backyard paradise is firmly in your mind, and you’re ready to take the next step: shopping around for a Houston landscape design company. You do your online research and find you have numerous options in the Kingwood and The Woodlands area, so who to pick?

Here are some things to look for when selecting a contractor, to ensure your dream of a backyard paradise will turn into a reality you can enjoy for years to come.


Look for a company experienced with the local flora and climate, soil consistency, and more. National chains may not always be fluent in their knowledge of the trees and plants that thrive in the Houston area. Go with a company that has done business in your neighborhood for years and has the portfolio to prove it. Ask for photos of previous projects.


Protect your Houston landscape design investment by selecting a company that has certification. This is especially important if you plan to install water features. One of the country’s leading companies is Aquascape, and certified contractors will ensure your pond, waterfall or stream is installed by knowledgeable professionals.

Customer Service

We’ve all heard horror stories of contract jobs that began but never finished, or those that ended on a sour note thanks to the lack of communication or shoddy workmanship. Choose a company with a history of customer satisfaction. Check online reviews or ask your prospective candidate to present testimonials from previous clients.

Be sure to do your research prior to hiring a landscape design company. Or, call Prime Lawn. With Prime Lawn’s proven history in expert services, quality products, and superior customer care, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Looking For Various Options Of Rock Fountains For A Backyard

Looking For Various Rock Fountains Options For A BackyardMore people want a relaxing oasis in their backyard and are looking at various rock fountains for their design. The idea of sitting in your backyard, quietly listening to the gurgle of a waterfall would create the serenity and peaceful nature you crave. Prime Lawn, one of the more seasoned landscape designers in the Houston area, has seen an increase in its popularity.

There are several reasons for this. First, it is less expensive to design rock fountains as part of an overall landscape design. Second, new houses as well as older homes going through renovation are not built on large enough plots of land for a natural pond. Third and most important, Prime Lawn builds fountains with natural ecosystems. Rainwater can be captured to avoid low water levels and higher water bills.

Prime Lawn integrates shrubs, flower beds and systemic greenery into their water feature designs. This creates a seamless feel which extends from the patio into the yard and can even be connected to an existing pool.

The entire project can be completed in only a short time period. So next weekend, you could be in your back yard but feel like you are a thousand miles away.

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Find An Certified Contractor To Install Fish Ponds & The Designs

Install Fish Ponds & The Designs By Hiring A Certified ContractorContractors that install fish ponds work with complex designs that require more expertise than the average water feature. Producing an ecologically sound habitat for aquatic life is not as easy as digging a hole and filling it up. Climate, soil conditions, predators like birds, filtration, aeration and maintenance all need consideration. If the right conditions are not set up prior to stocking the water, it can be an extremely costly mistake. A single koi can cost thousands of dollars, so they must be taken care of properly, and this is best handled by an Aquascape certified professional.

A certified Aquascape contractor (CAC) is a firm that has demonstrated a high degree of ability in setting up water features of various kinds, including fish ponds. Intricate feature designs are the standard for a CAC and certified firms know how to make the most out of any space. Prime Lawn is one such CAC and has certification because our experts have extensive technical and design skill.

For example, Prime Lawn can develop a feature that has a natural look, combining natural cut stone and precisely arranged landscaping to create an arboreal effect. Our team can also build a contemporary habitat as well, using slabs of granite, slate or marble to produce an angular, measured appearance. No matter what aesthetic you’re looking for, or how much space there is to spare, Prime Lawn can create a feature that will allow your fish to thrive.

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Popular Design Ideas For Garden Water Features

Popular Garden Water Features Ideas For A Home Landscape DesignOnce a homeowner starts thinking about garden water features, ideas run wild. These spaces are a point of pride, lovingly adorned with plants and flowers of all types. They are where people retreat to at the end of the day when stress is high and respite is needed. Guests are invited to enjoy the verdant paradise as well, and this is where homeowners often like to entertain. For these reasons, homeowners are always looking for ways to improve the space, and a natural choice is a fountain or pond installed by a knowledgeable professional.

Fountains and ponds are the most popular garden water features. The number of ideas available for each is incredible, and a homeowner can get any look they want from a well-designed pond or fountain. If a homeowner wants something that blends in naturally, a small accent pond surrounded by cut stone and small plants will be ideal, especially if the pond has fish. If a homeowner wants something a little bolder, a looming fountain, perhaps built with multiple tiers or intricate engravings, will be a striking choice. With the right installation, a garden can be made to look more enchanting, more active or more mysterious. No matter what a homeowner wants, a talented professional can make it a reality.

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Hardscaping Adds Variety And Focus To A Backyard Or Patio

Ways Hardscaping Adds Variety And Focus To A Backyard Or PatioSmartly placed hardscaping can dramatically improve the look of a home and make its appearance more cohesive. Most homeowners understand the importance of planting areas, but the installation of attractive paths or patios is often an afterthought. It shouldn’t be, though because this offers another way to add variety and focus to an exterior design. And with a professional’s assistance, it can be done quickly and with minimal disruption to the yard.

The most common form of hardscaping is paving. A path can be as simple as a gravel track or as intricate as custom cut pieces of stone arranged in a unique pattern. Regardless of its composition, paths are generally used to add definition to a space, such as leading to the home’s entrance, building walkways through a garden or connecting an outdoor kitchen to the backyard patio.

These projects are also an ideal choice when setting up an outdoor entertainment area. An even sturdy floor made from concrete pavers or cut stone can establish a place for tables and chairs, along with an outdoor kitchen or grill. When covered by a pergola or arbor, the area can be kept dry, making it a great spot to set up a bar or hangout for movies or sports.

If you’ve been looking for that classic design touch to make your home stand out, a stone or concrete project may just be what it needs.

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A Backyard Waterfall Can Make The Perfect Centerpiece

Popular Backyard Waterfall Options For A Homeowner To Choose FromIf a homeowner wants to carve out a piece of paradise in their backyard, a waterfall can make for the perfect centerpiece. These features are often combined with ponds, producing a beautiful contrast between calm and kinetic. They can stand alone, though if desired and can fit nearly any space. A skilled designer and installer can also produce any aesthetic a homeowner prefers, from natural and arboreal to classical to contemporary.

A popular backyard waterfall option is one that looks like it was taken directly from nature. To produce this effect, the installer will normally stack a variety of stones around the edges of the feature to create a natural looking set of banks. Landscaping fills in the stones and adds to the feature’s visual depth. By altering the layout of the placed stone, an installer can fork the flow of liquid into multiple drops. An installer can also set up several levels for the current to cascade down, like a staircase. These design flourishes make for a one-of-a-kind look every time.

These features don’t have to be paired with a pond if a homeowner prefers minimal maintenance. Pondless features have an underground basin that collects water and circulates it back up to the top of the feature. The top of the basin has a grate, which is blocked off with gravel or stone. Pondless models are ideal for accent features and when there is a limit to space. In either case, however, a homeowner will have a feature that is sure to generate conversation and offer the perfect place to entertain and relax.

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Choosing To Install Water Features With Fountains

Different Types Of Water Features With Fountains For A HomeMost well-designed water features include fountains somewhere in the installation, as these additions can provide lovely kinetic energy to the setting. They also provide a little function as well, as they can prevent mosquitos from swarming the area and dissuade birds from preying on fish. The constant motion can also help aerate a pond, delivering additional oxygen that is much needed by any fish.

But most homeowners choose to install them because water features with fountains add movement and visual appeal to their landscaping. Common installations are with natural looking ponds, where they can help provide a centerpiece for people to focus on. This is because they offer excellent contrast against the calm surface of the pond and the elegant arrangement of landscaping along the pond’s banks.

Fountains are also a natural choice when a pond is not feasible or desired. Pondless models have an underground basin that collects circulating liquid, and any design works with them. This includes something as grandiose as a multi-tiered fountain adorned with intricate engravings or something as simple as a single piece of pottery that slowly circulates water through a hole cut in the top.

Whether a homeowner wants something modest or elaborate, a professional installer can help their vision become reality.

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Underground Irrigation Systems Are Important For A Healthy Yard

Underground irrigation systems are a primary element of any healthy yard that consists of landscaping like trees or flowers. Some plants are extremely sensitive to changes in water supply, and can be stunted or killed by a slight decrease or increase of hydration. This problem is most often the case when someone is watering by hand or relying on rainfall to provide moisture. With a precise watering setup, a homeowner never has to rely on inconsistent methods to keep their landscaping healthy and thriving.

In general, underground irrigation systems all consist of the same parts. Water flows onto the property via a municipal water main, and some of it diverts into a secondary connection that activates the sprinkler heads. After passing through a backflow preventer, the water is kept under pressure behind a valve manifold, which is the central piece to the setup. Each valve is connected to a handful of sprinkler heads grouped together into zones, and together, they produce even coverage.

A skilled expert can help a homeowner determine the best way to zone the sprinkler heads and oversee installation so that there’s no slip ups. Because these setups utilize electric signals to operate, and installation needs to be close to utility lines, it is better to have a professional on hand to work around any hazards.

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The Benefits Of Hardscaping Design With A Professional Company

The Benefits Of Hardscaping Design With A Professional CompanyNothing can elevate a home’s look like a well-done hardscaping design, and with the right approach, these installations can add a little function to the property as well. These hardscapes typically consist of stone, brick or concrete paths, patios, retaining walls, water features and anything else created with these materials. However, it isn’t as simple as just placing the pieces in the right spots. The project needs to be planned out, choosing the right stones and installing them just right so that they last for a long time.

That’s why most homeowners leave hardscaping design to the experts who have done it before. This is one of the few fields out there that requires a creative approach and a great deal of technical knowledge. Prior to setting up the installation, a professional will consult with the homeowner to determine their needs. Does the property need a graceful stone path leading up to the front door? Does it need a natural looking accent fountain in the garden? Does it need a patio made from colorful concrete pavers? No matter the scope or content of the project, it can be executed much better with professional planning.

Professionals will also excavate the area to make room for the installation, select the right material for the job, lay down a stable bed to accommodate the pieces and place them perfectly. Once finished, the property will be the beneficiary of a long-lasting, visually appealing piece of artisan work.

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How Does A Sprinkler Irrigation System Work?

How Does A Sprinkler Irrigation System Work?Perhaps the biggest misconception about the typical sprinkler irrigation system is that they really are not that efficient. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as a properly installed setup will reduce water consumption and offer precise coverage, compared to other methods of watering. This makes a watering setup something of an investment into the property, as it will reduce costs while maintaining the health of the yard. And with more complex landscaping arrangements, this type of setup is practically a must.

A sprinkler irrigation system may look complicated from the outside, but it runs using fairly simple principles. Most homes are supplied water through a line connected to a municipal water main. Along this supply line is a secondary connection where the system will connect. A backflow preventer keeps water from leaking back out into the home’s supply line, and a valve manifold keeps water under pressure until used in the yard. The zone watering concept is what makes these setups so efficient, because each zone delivers the right amount of water before deactivating and firing the next zone in sequence. The zones arrangement will be something left to a professional, as an expert can help determine how much water pressure and volume will be available.

Once zoned out properly, a homeowner can expect this setup to provide the nourishment needed for beautiful landscaping.

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