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Seating Walls

When seating walls are used properly, they can create the look of a high end patio or living area outside of the home. These walls are constructed around the perimeter of a porch or patio area, around a fire pit, … Continue reading

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Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are a beautiful source of tranquility in one’s backyard. They are spaces where homeowners can go and relax after a long day in a fast-paced modern world. When using water features in a landscape design, it is highly … Continue reading

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Misting System

A family that is fed up with mosquitos and other biting insects should consider the benefits of a misting system. There are many forms of insect repellent on the market, but all of them come with some significant drawbacks. They … Continue reading

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2D Design

A two dimensional or 2D design plan is utilized by landscape architects as a visual presentation tool to help the client see what a finished garden will look like. They are artistic representations that contain the accurate measurements of plants … Continue reading

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LED Lighting

The use of LED lighting has become a popular way to illuminate a part of a yard or house that may have been otherwise unnoticed before. LED or light-emitting diode is an energy saving form of bulb that produces a … Continue reading

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French Drains

When water is standing stagnant in a yard or infiltrating a basement, French drains may be the right fix for the job. Henry French was the first to suggest their use for this purpose, and was responsible for popularizing it … Continue reading

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IonGen System

Ponds today can be cleaned effectively with the IonGen System.  Waterfalls and decorative water features can also be cleaned with this unique product.  In an environmental friendly nod, this product does not use any harsh chemicals.  It is vital to … Continue reading

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