A Backyard Waterfall Can Make The Perfect Centerpiece

Popular Backyard Waterfall Options For A Homeowner To Choose FromIf a homeowner wants to carve out a piece of paradise in their backyard, a waterfall can make for the perfect centerpiece. These features are often combined with ponds, producing a beautiful contrast between calm and kinetic. They can stand alone, though if desired and can fit nearly any space. A skilled designer and installer can also produce any aesthetic a homeowner prefers, from natural and arboreal to classical to contemporary.

A popular backyard waterfall option is one that looks like it was taken directly from nature. To produce this effect, the installer will normally stack a variety of stones around the edges of the feature to create a natural looking set of banks. Landscaping fills in the stones and adds to the feature’s visual depth. By altering the layout of the placed stone, an installer can fork the flow of liquid into multiple drops. An installer can also set up several levels for the current to cascade down, like a staircase. These design flourishes make for a one-of-a-kind look every time.

These features don’t have to be paired with a pond if a homeowner prefers minimal maintenance. Pondless features have an underground basin that collects water and circulates it back up to the top of the feature. The top of the basin has a grate, which is blocked off with gravel or stone. Pondless models are ideal for accent features and when there is a limit to space. In either case, however, a homeowner will have a feature that is sure to generate conversation and offer the perfect place to entertain and relax.

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