Find An Certified Contractor To Install Fish Ponds & The Designs

Install Fish Ponds & The Designs By Hiring A Certified ContractorContractors that install fish ponds work with complex designs that require more expertise than the average water feature. Producing an ecologically sound habitat for aquatic life is not as easy as digging a hole and filling it up. Climate, soil conditions, predators like birds, filtration, aeration and maintenance all need consideration. If the right conditions are not set up prior to stocking the water, it can be an extremely costly mistake. A single koi can cost thousands of dollars, so they must be taken care of properly, and this is best handled by an Aquascape certified professional.

A certified Aquascape contractor (CAC) is a firm that has demonstrated a high degree of ability in setting up water features of various kinds, including fish ponds. Intricate feature designs are the standard for a CAC and certified firms know how to make the most out of any space. Prime Lawn is one such CAC and has certification because our experts have extensive technical and design skill.

For example, Prime Lawn can develop a feature that has a natural look, combining natural cut stone and precisely arranged landscaping to create an arboreal effect. Our team can also build a contemporary habitat as well, using slabs of granite, slate or marble to produce an angular, measured appearance. No matter what aesthetic you’re looking for, or how much space there is to spare, Prime Lawn can create a feature that will allow your fish to thrive.

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