Add Value To A Property By Installing Large Backyard Ponds

Installing Large Backyard Ponds Can Add Value To A HomeLarge backyard ponds can add an incredible amount of value to a property, as well as provide an escape for the entire family. However, these features must be built and managed properly, or they’re more likely to become an ugly mud pit than anything else. A project of this scope is beyond what most homeowners can handle alone, and bringing in a professional will ensure that everything is within regulation.

Compared to a typical water feature, large backyard ponds are a major undertaking. These features can be more than an acre in size and inhabited with a variety of fish. Before a homeowner gets to this point, though, the feature will need to be set up correctly. This involves damming up the water properly and building in a spillway for safety reasons. It also means sculpting the feature so that there is plenty of room for plants of varying sizes to root and grow. The feature will need to be protected from leaks and excess of dangerous runoff as well. A professional water feature installer will be able to avoid common problems with these features and ensure it develops properly.

Once the feature is complete and vibrant with life, it will greatly enrich the home and surrounding area.

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There Are Many Ways To Arrange Landscaping And Waterfalls

The Variety Of Landscaping And Waterfalls Design OptionsWith smart placement of landscaping and waterfalls, a homeowner can transform their property completely, turning it into a graceful paradise. These features can be designed in so many ways that it’s almost like painting a unique picture, except that your yard is the canvas. With trees, flowers, watering plants, stones and various feature arrangements, a homeowner can get the exact look they desire. However, it is best to have a professional on hand to make your dream a reality.

These features are a great addition to any pond as they add a great deal of visual interest, help aerate the pond and keep insects away. They also produce a mesmerizing combination of sound and motion.

There are many ways to arrange landscaping and waterfalls, though most homeowners choose a classic natural look. A natural look usually combines a dynamic rockscape made from flagstone or various types of limestone and a number of small trees and plants. The rockscape is often built with a strong vertical approach, producing several small drops instead of a single large one. If a homeowner wants something a little more modern-looking, dark, smooth granite and marble can produce a sharp appearance.

These features can be of nearly any size as well. It’s possible to install a feature that runs the length of the property or one that adds a slight flourish to the front of the home or backyard patio.

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A Professional Can Help With Front Yard Landscaping Plans

Get Help With Front Yard Landscaping Plans From A Professional Front yard landscaping plans aren’t as daunting as they may seem at first, especially if you have a professional’s help on your side. The street facing side of the house can offer unique challenges. For example, local or city ordinances may restrict what you can place near the street, and space considerations may force you to alter your expectations. A professional can help you formulate an approach that preserves your preferences while taking into account any restrictions.

The property’s grading and shape will dictate front yard landscaping plans for the most part. Other factors that will direct the project would be how the water flows, where the wind blows through and where the sun is most intense. A professional can also help a homeowner locate their utility lines and adapt an irrigation system to the home’s grading, so nothing floods or dries out. Professionals are also adept at design, incorporating a colorful range of plants, flowers, and shrubs into the project. As well as weaving the occasional sculpture, sitting spot or water feature in for additional visual interest. Professionals that handle large landscaping projects can usually build paths as well, bringing a little order to the space.

These projects are highly sophisticated, but when done right, they can transform how a home looks and significantly increase its value.

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Choosing A Stone And Rock Water Feature For A Backyard

Choosing A Stone And Rock Water Feature For A BackyardA nice looking rock and stone water feature are essential in giving a backyard a big visual boost. These installations can be designed in a bevy of ways, using a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and types of stone. Most installers use these stonescapes to create drops for waterfalls as well, producing a combination of motion and sound.

Your typical rock and stone water feature will consist of several types of cast stone. This includes slate, granite, limestone, sandstone, travertine, bluestone and brownstone, and each has a unique color, density and texture. Most placements are designed to appear occurring naturally, with several levels of stones arranged in ways that one might find in nature. The entire backyard, coupled with landscaping like trees and aquatic plants, can be turned into an enchanting verdant and stream combination. People who prefer contemporary installations can also get what they want from cast stone builds, using monochromatic granite or slate to produce a sharper look. In either case, the builder has access to cast stone of nearly any size or shape.

So if a homeowner wants a single, large stone to build a set of falls around, a professional can help with that. If a homeowner prefers smaller, stacked stones instead, that’s a perfectly viable option as well.

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Hiring A Certified Aquascape Contractor For Water Features

Hiring A Certified Aquascape Contractor For Water FeaturesIf your vision of a gorgeous pond or water feature for your home or business has taken shape, but you’re unsure of who to hire for the job, consider the services of a certified Aquascape contractor (CAC).

Aquascape is the most prestigious water gardening company in the country, and it is no accident that its pond builders are now gaining national exposure on NatGeo Wild’s new television series Pond Stars. Only the most talented and knowledgeable professionals earn this kind of widespread attention. The company’s hometown of St. Charles, IL, recently adopted the moniker “Water Garden Capital of the World.”

It only makes sense to bring the best of the best into your own backyard.

CACs must meet eligibility requirements to be accepted into the Certified Aquascape Contractor Program. Prerequisites include a stellar reputation, demonstrated by at least three satisfactory customer surveys, as well as previous experience with Aquascape products and methodology, with proof of at least three previously completed projects. To achieve the certified designation, applicants must then complete the actual program and pledge compliance with the company’s methodology and creed of excellence in workmanship and service at all times.

What does this rigorous, selective process mean for you, the customer? It means satisfaction guaranteed. Find an independent CAC like Prime Lawn and enjoy the peace of mind that your project will be done right, from beginning to end.

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How Does Rainwater Harvesting Work?

Like most things, rainwater harvesting is bigger in Texas. No state has done more to further precipitation reclaiming, passing several pieces of legislation that protect its practice and encourage its continued use. It’s no surprise that Texas is at the forefront of precipitation reclaiming, given the extreme drought conditions that have plagued the states in recent years. This withering drought has stressed reservoirs, lakes and rivers, putting municipalities in a tough position when searching for usable water for their communities.

Rainwater harvesting begins with collecting the rain, and this is normally done by catching precipitation as it falls on building roofs. From here, it is collected by gutters and transported to barrels or an underground filtration system. Unfiltered precipitation can be used right away to irrigate a lawn, but it will need filtering before it is safe for use inside the home. Once the precipitation has run through charcoal, gravel, sand or fiber filtering, it can be used for bathing, washing clothes and dishes or even drinking, though a system must follow strict guidelines before it can be used to generate potable fluid.

Fortunately, Texas has made these restrictions clear in House Bill 3391 and other pieces of legislation. HB 3391 also mandates the installation of precipitation reclamation systems on larger state buildings and provides financial incentives for home and business owners that install their own system. This approach to conservation ensures Texas will be ready if the droughts continue.

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The Process Of Backyard Pond Building With Professionals

The Process Of Backyard Pond Building With ProfessionalsBackyard pond building is an involved process that is best-left to the experts, for several reasons. Not only is the project labor intensive and physically demanding, it also requires precise planning and execution. If any part of the process fails, you’ll be left with a pond that is an eyesore or doesn’t function well. This can be an expensive and frustrating mistake, and one best avoided by bringing in a professional to handle the installation.

During installation, the space for the pond will be marked out, taking care to avoid any utility lines. The ground will then be excavated, and the installer will build in-depth variances to make the feature more visually appealing. An underlayment of liner sand is placed inside the excavated hole and the rubber liner fitted over it. Backyard pond building also involves installing a compatible pump and filtration system, and professionals can help select the optimal model for the project. The installer will set up the extra plumbing needed for the pump and set up a space for the filtration system.

Once the structure is built, the installers will fill up the pond and decorate the feature using a combination of landscaping, rock scapes and other interesting pieces. This will hide the edges of the liner, reduce water runoff into the feature and help define the edges, an important consideration when children will be spending time around the pond. While many choose to tackle this project on their own, others have learned the hard way. Hiring a professional is the best way to save money and avoid costly mistakes.

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Rainwater Harvesting

In a world of continuous resource shortages rainwater harvesting is an option that home and business owners should consider. Roughly 36 states have been faced with a deficiency while demand continues to escalate. It is necessary for more and more property owners to increase their sustainability to ease the strain on municipal resources and their own finances.

Nature’s role is not enough to meet the needs of people and their surroundings. In order to maximize this resource, precipitation can be gathered for the sake of repurposing the liquid elsewhere. During collection it is cleared of unwanted contaminants and consequently decreases the likelihood of erosion and/or flooding.

By obtaining incoming precipitation via roof run-off or other drainage venues, such as permeable pavers, the liquid can be repurposed both inside and outside of the property. Once traveling through filters for debris removal, the run-off is guided towards a modular collection basin. A high pressure pump then permits its reuse within the irrigation system throughout the exterior. The recirculated precipitation retains its beneficial enzymes and bacteria, making it useful for such tasks as bathing, swimming pool refills, and vehicle cleaning.

While shortages are on the rise, over 37,000 gallons of water can be repurposed from only 30 inches of annual rainfall. Residential and commercial owners aware of the benefits are incorporating rainwater harvesting into their landscaping. Employing a recycling system such as this can ease the load of utility costs, while protecting one of our most precious resources.  Contact a specialist today to get started.

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Soil Amendment

If a planting area isn’t capable of supporting landscaping, a soil amendment may be needed to enhance its properties. These materials can be organic or synthetic. They can improve the ground’s aeration, drainage, nutrition and available root depth. Unlike mulch, they are typically mixed into the ground and not just placed on the surface. This requires a little extra work, but it can produce dramatic improvements in plating quality. However, this should only be done with the help of an expert, because some materials can harm the planting area if not used properly.

Every plant needs a certain set of conditions before it can flourish. For instance, some plants need the excellent drainage provided by sand, while others prefer denser material like loam or clay for better water retention. A soil amendment can alter the characteristics of the ground so that it can better mimic these properties.

Many people prefer organic substances because they provide superior aeration and water penetration as it decomposes. Typically, only 4 to 5 percent of the planting area should consist of organic material, because this will provide optimal levels of nitrogen for the plant. In greater concentrations, root growth may be abnormal and detrimental to its long term growth.

The pH level and salt concentration also needs to be monitored during application. If either of these is altered too much, it may be difficult to grow anything. Without professional guidance, though, this can be almost impossible to monitor effectively. For this reason, it is best to seek help from an expert when applying supplements to a planting area. These professionals can select the perfect supplement for a lawn or garden, and ensure that the proper concentration is used.

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waterfall-pond-01Waterfalls add a sense of tranquility and beauty to any landscape. While the design installed is dependent on the pre-existing look and available space, there is a variety of styles to consider. Brick work and plant life are typical components of many properties, but a water feature provides a continuous flow that supports growth in and around it. Their soothing sounds make for a calming environment to enjoy. While the different options vary in price, the return on investment is evident in the boost in both property value, and curb appeal.

There are models to meet various locations, purposes and desired levels of extravagance. A formal set-up incorporates geometric lines to create a stair-like construction. They are usually made up of brick or stone, whereas more informal styles utilize materials such as gravel and wood. When space is restricted a wall mounted format is perfect as it is self-contained and has the durability to withstand outside conditions. In-ground units typically use organic materials and employ a holding tank below the surface to reroute the fluid through the system. Manufactured waterfalls are easily customized, yet come with a higher price tag.

Pondless designs are growing in popularity as awareness regarding their safety and potential energy savings grow. Rather than accumulating the liquid above the surface material, the equipment moves and filters it from underneath before recirculating it over the visible feature. By placing the reservoir beneath the pondless element, the dangers for small children is greatly minimized. Without a need for continuous pumping, valuable resources are saved. They are ideal for limited space and call for little upkeep. When surrounding space is preserved a larger pond can be incorporated in the future.

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