How Does A Sprinkler Irrigation System Work?

How Does A Sprinkler Irrigation System Work?Perhaps the biggest misconception about the typical sprinkler irrigation system is that they really are not that efficient. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as a properly installed setup will reduce water consumption and offer precise coverage, compared to other methods of watering. This makes a watering setup something of an investment into the property, as it will reduce costs while maintaining the health of the yard. And with more complex landscaping arrangements, this type of setup is practically a must.

A sprinkler irrigation system may look complicated from the outside, but it runs using fairly simple principles. Most homes are supplied water through a line connected to a municipal water main. Along this supply line is a secondary connection where the system will connect. A backflow preventer keeps water from leaking back out into the home’s supply line, and a valve manifold keeps water under pressure until used in the yard. The zone watering concept is what makes these setups so efficient, because each zone delivers the right amount of water before deactivating and firing the next zone in sequence. The zones arrangement will be something left to a professional, as an expert can help determine how much water pressure and volume will be available.

Once zoned out properly, a homeowner can expect this setup to provide the nourishment needed for beautiful landscaping.

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