Underground Irrigation Systems Are Important For A Healthy Yard

Underground irrigation systems are a primary element of any healthy yard that consists of landscaping like trees or flowers. Some plants are extremely sensitive to changes in water supply, and can be stunted or killed by a slight decrease or increase of hydration. This problem is most often the case when someone is watering by hand or relying on rainfall to provide moisture. With a precise watering setup, a homeowner never has to rely on inconsistent methods to keep their landscaping healthy and thriving.

In general, underground irrigation systems all consist of the same parts. Water flows onto the property via a municipal water main, and some of it diverts into a secondary connection that activates the sprinkler heads. After passing through a backflow preventer, the water is kept under pressure behind a valve manifold, which is the central piece to the setup. Each valve is connected to a handful of sprinkler heads grouped together into zones, and together, they produce even coverage.

A skilled expert can help a homeowner determine the best way to zone the sprinkler heads and oversee installation so that there’s no slip ups. Because these setups utilize electric signals to operate, and installation needs to be close to utility lines, it is better to have a professional on hand to work around any hazards.

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