Concerns About Adding Large Backyard Ponds For Homeowners

Questions About Large Backyard Ponds For HomeownersHow big does a yard have to be to accommodate large backyard ponds?

There’s almost no upper limit in terms of size when it comes to constructing water features. However, you’ll need a lot of space if you wish to create a feature that doesn’t require extensive pumping, filtering or aeration. Because naturally flowing water can reduce the need for additional infrastructure, many homeowners choose to build a bigger feature when they have access to a creek or natural spring.

At a minimum, a homeowner should reserve at least 1/16 an acre of land (or about 2,200 square feet) if they plan on placing a bigger feature.

What are some unique challenges when putting in large backyard ponds?

There are a number of challenges to overcome when placing more prominent feature. The sheer amount of water involved means these features require additional planning to remain ecologically balanced and healthy. Bigger features can also represent a safety hazard if they are poorly built and not managed properly. Construction also takes longer and requires precision or the final product will be difficult to handle.

This is why it is essential for a homeowner to find a builder they trust. For example, if the feature does not have a proper spillway or not blocked correctly, the water can quickly wash over during a heavy storm. This may cause a devastating flood in the worst instances and will force repairs even if the flow of water is just enough to annoy a neighbor.

Large features also have to be built and set up correctly to make the water livable. This means constructing several elevations in the feature to give different types of plants an area to root. It means guarding against leakage, excessive erosion or too much runoff. It means protecting the water from anything that could contaminate it. It also means fertilizing and aerating the water properly to ensure optimal plant and animal growth while the feature is still young.

How can large backyard ponds be used to enhance a property’s beauty?

Even though installing a feature is hard work, it is one of the most visually striking things a homeowner can add to the property. These features can serve as a sanctuary from the harshness of daily life, providing an excellent setting to relax.

Placing a lot of landscaping around the water, or additional features like fountains or waterfalls can have a significant impact as well. Complimentary landscaping, with a variety of tree, flower and plant types, can transform a feature into an arboreal paradise.

What restrictions exist on these water features?

Another reason to bring in a professional is to ensure the feature satisfies all construction regulations regarding water features. If it will use a natural source of water, then the homeowner will likely need a permit that verifies its safety. Poorly built features can contaminate the water supply and sicken others, so it is essential that the feature not put other sources of water at risk.

This article was published on Wednesday 12 November, 2014.

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