Create An Oasis With Rock Fountains In A Backyard

Adding Rock Fountains & Water Features For A Home LandscapeMore homeowners are looking to create an oasis of solitude and natural beauty in their back yards with rock fountains. Perhaps that is why Prime Lawn, a family owned and operated landscape design company based in Kingwood, TX, has seen a growth in popularity of water features. Over their many years in business, they have seen a trend emerging from a desire to create a natural environment where there would otherwise be flat land, with little or no natural vegetation.  

The concept of these features is to create a containment pool of water, which is then re-circulated to flow either as a running waterfall or a bubbling pond. Homeowners, who enjoy their backyard for serenity, prefer hearing the sound of trickling water that blocks out noise from traffic or neighbors. Paths are desirable for strolls through the garden, or as a run that pets can enjoy in a more natural habitat.

Designing and building these types of fountains is not as complicated or expensive as one might think
. The design itself should integrate into an existing patio, pool or landscaped yard, so it looks as though nature placed it there. The actual construction takes a short period of time.

You have several choices in the style of stone depending on whether you want the fountain to have a natural pond or waterfall look
. Special drills are used to drill holes into the stone, if necessary, for the water pumps.  The ground is then dug up to specifications, lined with a puncture proof lining, and then filled in with the appropriate gravel and stone. Most homeowners like to integrate their overall landscaping design into their water feature, including shrubs, flowerbeds, and systemic greenery to complete the natural, serene environment.

There is an ecological impact when building rock fountains as well. Prime Lawn offers the integration of water harvest systems, which captures and utilizes rainfall, thereby cutting the expense of higher water bills or enduring water shortages.

All in all, for people who crave the natural beauty of running water, but do not live near a pond or open water, rock fountains are an excellent alternative.

This article was published on Monday 29 December, 2014.

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