Deciding Between Getting Custom Or Preformed Ponds

Deciding Between Preformed Ponds Or Custom Water FeaturesPreformed ponds can transform any backyard from boring and plain to conversation worthy and elegant with exceptional ease. Reservoirs or basins can create an oasis-like atmosphere that promotes calmness and tranquility in any yard. When homeowners are looking to add this beautiful feature to their property, they have two main options to choose from: previously made or custom made. With the help of an established landscaping service, any homeowner can install a gorgeous water feature that will change their property and increase its overall value.

Preformed or Custom?

Every homeowner looking to install a pond into their front or backyard has to choose between a previously designed or custom designed installation. Both choices come with their pros and cons, which include everything from cost to efficiency to functionality. Installing a water feature is a large project, but it can be made easier depending on the client’s choices. Landscaping companies offer services to help design and install water features for residential homes and businesses.

Preformed ponds come with a number of advantages that clients will enjoy. The largest advantage is the cost. Unlike custom created reservoirs, the previously made reservoir already has a set shape and size. Customers simply have to choose the shape they like the most and half of the project is complete. Installation for this option is equally as easy because it only requires digging in the area where the feature is to be installed. Once that is done, the mold is placed into the ground, and the aesthetic features—from water and plants to rocks and fish—are added. This entire process is incredibly simple and kind to the wallet. Prices for this water feature option range between under $50 and above $100 depending upon the size and depth of the liner purchased.

When customers choose the previously made option, they lose the ability to customize their water feature
. While there are many styles to choose from, they may not always come close to what the customer has in mind. In addition, these liners, while often made of highly durable plastic, can become subject to wear and tear over time.

Custom designed options allow the customer to choose exactly how they want their water feature to look
. They can decide on the size, depth, and features such as waterfalls, dips, and other landscaping options. While the custom option allows them to choose exactly what they want in their outdoor water feature, it comes at a greatly increased price. Customized reservoirs can cost in the thousands on the low end of the spectrum depending upon the size of the chosen pond. An estimate for a high-end price for the best liner is around $18,000.

It is much cheaper to choose a landscaping company to find the right preformed ponds that fit the customer’s specifications and budget. This option has many of the same benefits as customized water features and comes at less than half the price.

This article was published on Wednesday 18 June, 2014.

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