2D Design

What is a 2D Design Plan for Visual Outdoor Landscaping ProjectsTwo-dimensional or 2D design is visual presentation tool landscape architects utilize to help a client envision the finished look of a landscaping project. This landscape blueprint is an artistic representation that only contains the length and width of plants, walkways, or water features – as opposed to drawings with the other dimensions, such as height and depth. The plans contain accurate measurements of the different features while maintaining the garden’s uniqueness and overall functionality.  

A landscape architect, sometimes called a horticultural professional or specialist, is a trained professional in the disciplines of gardening, art, and architecture. They create stunning gardens, outdoor kitchens, aquascapes, patios, and more. They are highly recommended for any landscaping project as they have the knowledge and experience to create a 2D design plan and implement it. Landscape architects work with both residential and commercial owners.

To create an individualized 2D design, the horticultural specialist will sit down and interview a client. They will ask distinctive questions to gauge the necessary elements the garden must contain and any desires. When a client prefers the look of a certain type of shrubbery or flower that does not thrive in the region, a landscape architect will substitute, if possible, a regional plant that is similar to the customer’s preferences. A landscape architect will need to know the following information:

•    What does the client want?

  • Are there certain plants, trees, or shrubs they want in their garden?
  • If it is a business—are they looking to create an area for employees to lunch or take breaks?

•    What look is the client trying to achieve?

  • Some clients may want a traditional English cutting garden; another may want to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Maybe they are looking to spruce up their property for prospective buyers.
  • A commercial client may want to beautify their business front for customers.

•    What are the essential elements a client needs?

  • Does a residential owner need a space for their children’s swing set or trampoline? They may want an outdoor kitchen and covered patio or need a privacy hedge around the pool area.
  • A commercial client may want to plant a walkway for their customers, or a hedge that block their employees break area from view.
  • What about any water features? Are they looking to include a pond, stream, or a waterfall?

2D design plans are close representations to the finished garden that include the actual site layout as well as the size and types of plants used. They are a powerful visual landscaping aid for the client indicating the maximum height and width of the plants, walkways, and other features listed so a client will be able to visualize what the mature garden will look like. They will also be able to see the different textures of the flowers, shrubs, and trees.

It is well worth the time it may take to find a local horticultural specialist used to working with 2D design plans. A great landscape blueprint leads to an exquisite outdoor space!

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