How To Use Fountains For Outdoor LandscapingThe addition of fountains to landscapes can soften the noise of a busy street, while creating soothing background sounds. The look and sound of running water is restful and promotes peace of mind for those fortunate to be in its presence. Furthermore, property values are increased with the addition of a professionally designed and installed source of water. These special features can either be tucked in a private corner of the area out of the way, or be a dramatic focal point of an elaborate yard design.

An outdoor sitting area, such as a deck or patio, can become a more peaceful, inviting and serene resting area with the addition of a water feature. Fountains add beauty and interest to a yard that can bring a sense of travel to distant places, while also being close to home. Beautiful wildlife is also attracted to running water, as it easily benefits from the availability of this flowing hydration. Birds and butterflies are among the natural life that is commonly attracted to these special water features. Such engaging creatures often stimulate curiosity and educational opportunities for onlookers.

In order to ensure this intricate structure does not look like an added afterthought to the layout of a home or business landscape, it is best to have it planned and installed by professionals. One consideration is the view of the centerpiece from inside the home or office. This can add an outstanding benefit to the feel of the area, from both the inside and out. A flowing water feature can be added to any type of pool, including a still or waterfall pool. A professional will also add plant life that is correct for the location, and rocks to the surrounding area if that suits the clients tastes. To ensure complete satisfaction, professionals also take into consideration the existing structures and trees, along with the clients willingness to upkeep the clearing of leaves and pine needles from their investment to prevent clogging.

An outdoor landscape is supremely enhanced with the placement of fountains, as they become a focal point for any kind of topography. This is an excellent way to extend the living space of the property. A distinctly beautiful outdoor feature will draw attention and invite the viewer to relax a moment. All five senses are involved when spending time near running water. Realtors state that a professionally installed water feature in the front of a home or business can enhance the property value by as much as 15 percent. There are even Feng Shui benefits within the structure of formal fountains, as the free flowing water emerges from the structure in a ying yang type of contrast.

With today’s progressive living and intense stress, it is increasingly important for busy executives and their families to find relaxing moments together away from the glaring screens of televisions, computers and mobile devices. Fountains near ones home become a central focus point, and thereby encouraging relaxation and meditation. By adding green plants around the flowing water structure, along with aquatic plants in nearby standing water, the area has increased oxygen, shade and visual appeal. Walkways and patios can be designed to encourage people to spend time near this beautiful outdoor architecture.

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