Granite Water Features Come In Three Unique Designs

Granite water features add a touch of serenity to any front or back yard.  These fixtures are often earthy in color and add additional texture to any outdoor space.   Homeowners have many different options to choose from when selecting the perfect granite feature.

There are three unique designs that often come to mind when thinking of these calming outdoor fixtures.  The tiered design consists of at least two marble selections stacked on each other. The shapes of these pieces can be round, flat, angular or bowl-shaped. This design will showcase the water flowing from the topmost piece down to the larger pieces on the bottom.

Solid vertical designs are another option.  Vertical slabs showcase water that flows quietly to reveal a glossy effect.  Curved or twisted slabs can also be used to showcase movement.  Some vertical pieces also feature separate stone pieces of different shapes and sizes for contrasting effect.  

The last design is a multiple-piece structure.  This unique design normally has at least three objects that are grouped together harmoniously with the appeal being in the placement of each piece. These individual pieces often include balls or columns.  

As a rule, granite water features will last for many years.  The components of these types of fixtures are known to be durable.  Sit back and enjoy the peaceful tranquility of this lovely addition to your yard.

This article was published on Thursday 10 July, 2014.

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