Hiring A Professional When Planning To Add Waterfalls For Ponds

Adding Waterfalls For Ponds With A Professional Landscaper in Kingwood, TXDesigning waterfalls for ponds takes forethought and planning. The first consideration is whether to hire a professional landscaper or tackle the project yourself. The difficulty level (and price) depends on the intricacy of the design and the natural shape of the intended location. It is possible to add a water structure after the pond, but people often decide to construct both at the same time.

There are a few reasons people hire a professional landscaper

  • Time is precious, and this project takes a lot of time. One simple design can take dozens of man hours.
  • Rocks of all sizes can be downright heavy, and the project takes a lot of them.
  • There are special tools and equipment needed to complete the project, and most people will have to rent them from a local hardware store if they are available. There are some tools that will require a trailer and not everyone has a tow-hitch on the back of their vehicle.
  • Experience is a valuable tool for any project. The experts at Prime Lawn can assist with every step of the project.

A realistic budget is necessary before beginning the project. Designing beautiful waterfalls for ponds range in costs. Envisioning a backyard oasis filled with large Koi hidden underneath hearty water lilies is a dream come true for some homeowners. Matching a thorough design concept with the budget before it begins staves off unwanted surprises during the project. Prime Lawn will go over the estimate of the project as to detour any unwanted sticker shock.

The desired location of the finished project is an important part of the concept. A professional landscaper can work with any terrain. However, the cost of the project will fluctuate with the choice of location. Some of the barriers faced can greatly increase both price and man hours. For instance, a low-lying cable or power line can interfere with large equipment. The project is still possible, but the man hours increase because of manual excavation.

Adding a water structure to, or retrofitting, a pond has its own set of challenge
s. The mature landscape already in place is disturbed in order to add a new structure. Any natural aging of the previously set stones may cause the newly placed material to look out of sorts. However, the challenges encountered with retrofitting are easily overcome with the help of a landscape designer, like those at Prime Lawn. In fact, retrofitting means less maintenance, improved biological functioning, and extended life on the pond's pump.  Retrofitting an existing water feature is a simple way to update and improve the look of a system already in place.

As people consider how and when to add waterfalls for their ponds, the answer is simple: there is no wrong choice
. Choose what works with the budget and the allotted time. Hiring a professional from Prime Lawn will guarantee the project is as spectacular as envisioned.

This article was published on Monday 07 July, 2014.

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