Homeowners Have A Number Of Pond Designs Available

Finding Options For Pond Designs and Landscaping IdeasThere are a staggering number of pond designs available to homeowners, so extensive planning is needed before starting any project. That will ensure the water feature fits any budget and looks amazing. Since there are multiple options to consider, homeowners should consult a professional to find the best water feature for their home or business. Experienced design professionals will be able to expedite the planning and installation process, and ensure that no part of the job is neglected. With an involved project like this, attention to detail is critical, as even the smallest mistake can have a huge impact.

What information is needed before putting together any pond designs?

A budget should be put together before settling on a feature style or size. Budgeting the project beforehand makes it much easier to narrow down the water feature possibilities and streamlines the process. Once the budget is in place, all of the important decisions can be made. These include:

  • The preferred build style. These water features can be constructed with a liner or preformed before placements. Preformed features are easier to install and require less time to set, but liner features offer much more versatility. Most experienced installers focus on features that include liners.
  • The placement of the feature in the yard. It is wise to avoid any area where there are many trees or that collect water. Fallen leaves can be scooped out of the water without too much trouble, but in the fall, these leaves can build up in a hurry. It’s also crucial to avoid any areas where utility lines are present. The best spot to place the feature is in a flat area that is completely visible from inside the home.
  • How big the water feature will be. As long as the budget allows, these features can take on any size or shape. These will mostly determine the look of the feature, so plan carefully. Once the size and shape are chosen, the designer will begin mapping out an excavation plan and figure out where to place pumps and other equipment.
  • What style the feature will incorporate. Pond designs can be made to look natural or contemporary, though there is plenty of room to get creative either way. For example, natural installations are often built up with stacked rock or heavily planted to give the feature a more cohesive look. Contemporary installations are typically angular and are often built with dark stone like granite or marble. Contemporary features can also be interesting objects like vases or artwork.
  • Whether or not to include extra features into the project. Fountains and waterfalls will create additional visual interest, as well as adding peaceful sounds to the area. Fountains and waterfalls will also keep the water circulating, which will keep mosquitoes and predators away. Keeping wildlife away from the water is particularly important when there are fish in the water.

Although these features are a big commitment, they are perfect for relaxing next to or entertaining guests.

This article was published on Friday 23 May, 2014.

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