How Are Patio Waterfalls Installed With A Landscape Expert?

How Are Patio Waterfalls Installed With A Landscaping Company in Houston?How much space is needed to install patio waterfalls?

These features can be scaled up or down to any size, fitting into any space a homeowner has reserved for an accent piece. A skilled contractor is versatile enough to find the right combination of size, aesthetics and function, so there is no space too small to fit a feature into. Some features can also be installed without much infrastructure, so they can easily be adapted to most areas.

Homeowners that have sprawling patios, though, can also opt for a much larger feature. Expansive features can include all kinds of unique, complex flourishes, including rills, ponds, fountains and intricate sculptures or etchings. Both small and large features can be enhanced with the addition of artistic lighting or interesting materials like glass or wood.

What kind of maintenance do patio waterfalls need?

Smaller features like these don’t generally need regular maintenance, especially if there is no pond present. Because they are continually running, there is less of an opportunity for algae to grow or mosquitoes to breed. As long as the feature is kept clear of debris, it should be able to run for many years without requiring significant maintenance.

Homeowners that want to eliminate regular maintenance altogether should consider a pondless feature. Ponds usually need a little more upkeep because standing water will attract more algae and insects. Pondless features come with an underground reservoir that acts as a pond for the feature, in that it supplies the water. A bed of gravel or rocks is placed above the reservoir, which is sealed off with a grate, so people can’t see where the feature is flowing.

What are some design ideas for patio waterfalls?

A skilled contractor considers every feature a work of art, so no two installations should look or behave the same. That means there are an endless number of design options available to homeowners, ranging from rustic, natural rockscapes to elegant contemporary designs. Stacked rock is a popular option, as it allows installers to be creative with the stones they use to build the feature. Using a contrast in stone size and color can make the feature pop and stand out from its surroundings. Stacked stone can also be built in nearly any size or shape, allowing for maximum creativity.

Contemporary designs are also a natural fit for accent pieces, as they can be built into walls or designed with simple shapes
. A sharply built granite or marble feature is a good way to attract attention and set aside an area for discussion or entertaining.

Why should an expert be hired to install an accent feature like this?

Even though these features are typically smaller, they still require precision to install properly. Size limitations can make the installation even harder, so having a skilled contractor on hand will ensure the process goes smoothly. These experts are able to avoid any problems when setting up the plumbing, provide a sturdy, reliable installation and give the feature a unique look.

Accent features are a smart way to add elegance and beauty to a property without having to do a lot of extra work. With the help of an experienced contractor, a homeowner can get the perfect conversation piece and backyard oasis.

This article was published on Wednesday 09 April, 2014.

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