How Are Pondless Waterfalls And Waterfalls With A Pond Different

How Are Pondless Waterfalls And Waterfalls With A Pond Different?There are a few notable differences between pondless waterfalls and waterfalls with a pond, though both can offer beauty and tranquility to any yard. Which is most appropriate will depend on a number of factors, and both can be customized in a variety of ways. Before selecting either of these water features, a homeowner should speak with an expert to determine the best fit for their property. After looking at the property, its infrastructure, and its design, a trained professional can determine the best option and best look for the space.

What is the primary difference between pondless waterfalls and waterfalls with a pond?

The major difference is the pond, obviously. Traditionally, these features have been combined with a pool to give the liquid somewhere to go while circulating back into the feature. Until recently, this was the only way to efficiently feed one of these features. It is still the more popular option because many homeowners enjoy both the sight and the sound of the water hitting the pond.

Pondless models, though, are fed through an underground reservoir that’s built out during the installation. In fact, the only real difference between the two is where the reservoir is kept, either above or below ground. These features operate the same way and provide the same level of beauty, but because there is no above ground pool, they are usually a better option for homes with limited space or small children. In many ways, this particular feature was created out of convenience for homeowners who couldn’t otherwise enjoy the calm serenity of trickling water.

What Is The Difference Between Pondless Waterfalls And Waterfalls With A Pond?It can sometimes be difficult to accommodate a large pond, as trees, fencing, and utility lines, can get in the way
. And, as stated before, they may also pose a safety risk, especially when small children are around. For those that want the pond experience, the hurdles listed above can be mitigated with the use of grates, netting, or fencing around the feature. Features without an above ground pool, though, are safer and much more compact, making it easier to integrate them into a smaller area. However, these features still need a significant amount of underground space, so they will still likely have to be built around utility lines. Many homeowners also prefer below ground reservoirs because they don’t require as much maintenance. With proper setup and installation, though, neither feature is difficult to maintain.

Another major difference between pondless waterfalls and waterfalls with a pond is how they are designed. Both can be organized in thousands of ways, but features with above ground pools are typically more versatile. These features can be built to nearly any specifications, and the styles available are also limitless, whether natural, traditional or contemporary styles are preferred.

A homeowner can’t go wrong either way, as both provide the elegance and peacefulness that these features are known for
. Whether used as an accent piece or designed to sprawl out over the yard, these features will draw people in and provide the perfect area for entertaining and relaxing.

This article was published on Thursday 01 May, 2014.

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