How Can Hardscaping Design Improve The Look Of A Home?

How Can Hardscaping Design Improve The Look Of A Home?Hardscaping design can mean a multitude of things, from simple gravel paths to sprawling stone patios. In general, this term refers to any project that uses some type of stone to create addition function or visual interest around the home’s exterior. This may be a path leading up to the front door, an artistic stone arrangement around a garden, old world retaining walls, modern stone patios, a stacked stone water feature or anything else that can be dreamed up. It is especially impactful when used next to proper landscaping, as the natural beauty of flowers and trees contrasts well with the angular forms the stone represent.

How can hardscaping design be used to improve the look of the property?

These installations can have many types of stone, including brownstone, flagstone, limestone, sandstone, travertine, granite, slate or bluestone, among other types of rock. Each of these stones has a range of colors, shapes and densities, so installers have an incredible number of options when aiming for a particular look. Each stone can be shaped to look natural, possessing the curves and angles one would find in nature. They can also be cut with a contemporary look in mind, using sharp lines and geometric shapes to bring order and form to the space. This is especially popular around homes that have a modern influence.

Concrete pavers are also a popular option and are becoming more common because they offer superior weather resistance and versatility. Concrete pavers can be cut to nearly any size and shape, and produced in a large range of color. Most importantly, though, is that they can easily be linked together to produce tights seams. This makes them a natural pick for paths and patios.

The key to every project, though, is not the material, but the arrangement. Hardscaping design can be as simple or complicated as a homeowner wishes, but even the smallest project will require an artistic eye. This is why skilled professionals like those with Prime Lawn are often brought in to execute the project. Professionals have to be able to fulfill the homeowner’s desires while also selecting material that will be nice to look at and easy enough to install. Without professional assistance, a homeowner may quickly bite off more than they can chew or pick a project that’s not feasible. This can result in a lot of wasted time and money.

The experts with Prime Lawn can help with nearly any project, including paths, patios, water features, retaining walls and any accent piece that would look better with stone. Some of the most common projects homeowners choose are stone or concrete surfaces for an outdoor kitchen or patio and stone placements for water features. With water features, stacked stone can create a natural and vertical look that adds another layer of visual interest. A piece of cut granite or slate, on the other hand, can produce a contemporary appearance that’s ideal for accent water features.

It’s impossible to mention all of the hardscaping projects Prime Lawn can help with, but no matter what the project consists of, Prime Lawn can execute it without fail.

This article was published on Friday 14 November, 2014.

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