How Can Homeowners Prepare To Build A Pond?

How To Build A Pond By Following The Basic StepsMany homeowners wanting to update or increase the value of their home will try to build a pond in their yard.  Where do you start? Let’s just start with some basics and you can get more detail after you familiarize yourself with these.

First you will need to decide on what kind you want.  Is it a simple waterfall, water garden, koi pond, or a combination of these? A waterfall is the simplest to maintain.  A water garden with an ecosystem is a little more time consuming to maintain, and one that has fish requires daily care with tending to fish.

The most important thing to consider when you build a pond is to select the proper site in your yard
.  Be aware of potential problems like sprinkler location, utility easements, and tree roots.  Also keep in mind the proximity to a power source for the pump and take into consideration the amount of direct sun the water feature will get.  Water gardens and Koi ponds can easily get too much sun and heat and endanger the life within it.

Once you have decided on the location, make an outline of the water feature using biodegradable paint or chalk. Keep the shape simple.  You want something that is appealing to the eye, but also not so complex that maintenance will become an issue.  Once you have it outlined, start digging and remember to beware of what’s below.

Now that you have a hole in the ground, install the liner and pump.  This is usually left to an expert who understands proper lining, potential overflow and runoff, and, of course, the electrical system.  Water and electricity is a dangerous combination and given the size of the pump you select, some changes to your electrical fuse box may be necessary.  Work with your installer on how you want the pond to look and what you intend to put in it.  They will likely incorporate rocks and plant life in or around the perimeter.

These are just a few basic steps for you to keep in mind should you decide to build a pond.  The most important step yet to be mentioned is selecting a good company. Prime Lawn has years of experience and has completed just about every project imaginable. Check out the Portfolio section of Prime Lawn's website to see some of their completed projects.

This article was published on Friday 20 June, 2014.

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