How Can Landscaping Be Improved With Water Features?

How Can Landscaping Be Improved With Water Features?When setting up landscaping, what water features are an ideal fit?

Ponds are a logical choice when planting lush gardens or placing an interesting rock design. A pond can be used to evoke a range of moods, from serene to energetic and can be integrated into any design. Ponds can also be built to any size, making them an easy fit in any yard. Fountains are another popular installation with their tranquil trickling and mesmerizing motion. For years, fountains have served as a gathering point for communities and placing one in the yard will have a similar effect with the family.

Fish or waterfalls can also be added to the pond to give it some extra character. Both can be built into almost any design and can be complemented by plants.

How can landscaping be improved with water features?

Without the gentle motion of a pond or fountain, trees, shrubs and flowering plants will be too static to remain attractive for long. Alone, plants provide a nice, beautiful foundation to place other pieces around, but they aren’t enough on their own. Ponds, fountains and waterfalls provide a contrast of motion and provide extra color. Also, some of the most beautiful plants available can only be used with a pond.

Ponds can also be used to nourish landscaping that is planted around its edges
. During periods of drought, a pond can provide an excellent buffer that will keep the yard healthy. Small wildlife like frogs, dragonflies and butterflies, will also be drawn to the water and will add even more beauty to the yard.

What design options are available when installing landscaping and water features?

The number of pond and fountain design options is limitless. Though natural looking ponds are still the most popular, they can also be built with a more modern look. Natural ponds are made to look asymmetrical and often ringed with rocks or thick flora. Modern designs are usually created symmetrically and contain sharp angles or graceful curves. Before a modern looking pond is placed, the contractor will likely lay down dark stone like granite or marble.

Fountains can be built with variety, from Romanesque to Baroque and Renaissance to modern. They can be beautified with interesting sculptures or colorful mosaics. Fountains are also available in an incredible number of shapes, from simple metal troughs to multi-tiered masterpieces. No matter what aesthetic a homeowner wants, there is a fountain out there that will fit it perfectly.

Why should a professional be hired to install ponds, fountains or waterfalls?

Placing a pond or fountain is an involved, complex process. Before a pond is ready to go, the yard has to be excavated, plumbing lines have to be arranged and multiple layers of sand have to be laid down. Once this is done, the contractor will have to make sure there won’t be any soil erosion or saturation. Additional considerations will need to be taken if fish will be placed in the pond.

A wonderful compliment to a graceful pond or waterfall is being matched up with delicate plants. With the help of a professional, a homeowner can get the oasis of their dreams.

This article was published on Wednesday 05 March, 2014.

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