How Can Stone Water Features Be Used In A Yard Or Garden?

How Are Stone Water Features Used For Outdoor Landscaping?Homeowners looking for the perfect accent for their yard or garden will find stone water features to be an ideal fit in every way. This material is incredibly versatile and comes in dozens of varieties. It can be scaled down for a small accent fountain or built up into fantastic rockscapes that contain bubbling falls. They come in various colors, including reds, greens, brown, black or grey. They can be shaped and formed to nearly any dimension, and can be combined to produce any effect a homeowner would want. In short, the only limiting factor is a person’s imagination, so with a talented contractor and designer, the sky is the limit.

What are some popular stone water features?

Rocks are commonly used to piece together a fountain or a series of falls, or may be adapted for more exotic uses. For example, instead of building a fountain or pond out of a set of rocks, some contractors are now taking a single, large rock and shaping it into an optimal basin for a fountain or pond. This look is best achieved with a darker boulder, as it can provide a nice contrast with the clear, clean pond or fountain.

Stacked rock installations, though, are still the most popular option for homeowners
. Stacked installations can be used to create a boundary around a pool or pond, build up the edges of a rill or form the foundation for a fountain or falls basin.  A variety of colors and rock shapes can be used in the construction of the installation, as well. Homeowners that want something more creative may consider installing a series of stacked rocks into the side of the wall. Rills and falls can be directed over the rocks to create a unique sensory experience.

Gardens and lush landscaping are perfect companions to stone water features because they usually provide color and shape contrast to the rock installation. For example, a garden that includes bright, vivid flowers can be paired with a rill or pond built with dark rock like granite or marble. Not only does this look sharp and modern, it also creates a powerful sense of contrast between the colorful plants and stoic rock.

For centuries, people have produced beautiful fountain and pond designs out of rock. Baroque, Romanesque and Classical designs often incorporate intricate sculpture or etchings, both of which can add a great deal of visual interest to an installation. For example, a series of sculpted fountain heads can be aligned over a granite or marble trough to produce a striking look. Sculpted fountain heads can take on a variety of designs, from animal or human faces to abstract imagery. Rock mosaics can also be used to provide the backdrop for a fountain or pond.

It’s also possible to create a pondless waterfall using a combination of stacked rocks and large gravel. This accent piece is perfect for people who want the look and sound of falls but don’t want the maintenance that comes with it.

Rock is one of man’s oldest building materials and is highly evocative, as a result. From complex rockscapes to massive, brooding pieces, this material can improve the look of any property.

This article was published on Thursday 03 April, 2014.

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