How Can Waterfalls Improve A Home's Landscape?

How Can Waterfalls Improve A Landscape?Waterfalls are among the most beautiful features a homeowner can choose to place on their property. These features offer a number of benefits to a home’s landscape, both functional and aesthetic in nature. While they are typically known for their serene motion and sound, they can provide much more. They can also be combined with ponds, rills or other features to create a dynamic landscape filled with beauty.

The primary reason why people install waterfalls is to improve the interest and look of the yard. These features make landscapes that appear to be alive. They are normally built into natural rockscapes that consist of several small plateaus or one large drop. Homeowners normally place a lush landscape full of small plants and larger trees around their feature, giving it the appearance of a vibrant oasis. These features can also be integrated into contemporary designs like marble or granite installations. Some homeowners choose to build a large marble or granite trough into which several smaller features empty into. Decorating the trough with mosaics, sculptures or other designs can complete the effect and evoke a luxurious appearance.

These features also produce a number of functional benefits that are often overlooked during installation. For one, these features can increase the relative humidity of the immediate area. With increased humidity, it is much easier to keep plants healthy and thriving. This is especially important for large landscaping that includes dozens of plants.

The constant stream of vapor that these features produce is also an effective means of eliminating airborne dust, pet dander and pollen. These particles float through the air and irritate people, also causing annoying allergies. Airborne vapor captures these particles, traps them and carries them away or settle on the ground. In regions where dust is a regular concern, a few of these features can create a protective field around the yard and help cut down some of the dust.

Finally, these features are an important part of a landscape that includes fish
. Koi ponds are a popular option for homeowners and are ideal for people that want a relaxing retreat in the yard. While koi are hardy fish that don’t require a lot of care, the one thing they do require is a steady supply of oxygen in their pond. There are a number of ways to do this, but including waterfalls in the installation is one of the more esthetically pleasing options. While they need to be complemented with other oxygen delivering methods, they can help ensure survivability of koi and other fish in the pond.

These features are versatile, beautiful pieces that can make a yard feel like a retreat where people can relax and eliminate stress

This article was published on Friday 31 January, 2014.

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