How To Choose Water Features For The Garden

What Are The Options Of Water Features For The GardenWater features intended for the garden should embody tranquility, introspection and grace. In planting areas, the landscape will take up a large part of the area, so a designer will need to be creative to find that fountain or pond to finish off the look. Fortunately, plants and ponds or streams go together naturally and can be integrated without too much trouble. There are now hundreds of pieces available for a landscaped area and a homeowner is only limited by their imagination.

Among water features designed for the garden, the classic sculpted fountain is the most enduring choice
. Since ancient times, intricately crafted fountains were common sights in planting areas. They are prized for their low maintenance, the peaceful sound they create and their striking looks. Today, a homeowner can choose from a limitless number of fountains, from simple and compact to ornate and expansive. Classic fountains that embody the designs of the Romans and Greeks are popular, as are Baroque styles. These fountains often come with animal, floral or human features that can give the area an enchanting look. Though they can be made from a variety of materials, dark stone is the traditional choice.

For homeowners that want a more contemporary look, the most common choice is to integrate the fountain into a modern sculpture or installation. Building the fountain into a vase or an angular piece of stone can produce a sophisticated aesthetic that is popular around modern homes. These fountains are often paired with a water fall that cascades over a series of stones or sharply built rills. Rills are popular contemporary pieces now and are an excellent choice on a property that has a lot of space to spare. Rills are small streams that are typically used to connect landscaped areas together or better define a space. They can be installed into any space, but reach their full potential when they have room to run. Rills can be connected together to change the flow of the liquid and create a unique look. They may be raised above the ground or built into it and are perfect for adding motion and sound.

Ponds are other popular water features built for the garden and are admired for their serene appearance. Ponds can be of any size and can be made child safe with grates or other covers. They are often placed at the terminus of fountains or rills and designed to look natural or contemporary. Some homeowners blend their ponds with the natural vegetation that borders their home. This is common in areas where homes border hills or heavily wooded spaces. The pond can establish the home’s boundary further out and end just inside the tree line of a nearby forest. Fish ponds, usually koi, are another popular choice and are perfect for creating a Japanese or Asian aesthetic that embodies tranquility.

Homeowners are free to let their imaginations run wild when placing a fountain, pond or other installation
. With their combination of motion, sound and tendency to attract birds and other small wildlife, these designs can turn a yard into an enchanting retreat.

This article was published on Thursday 23 January, 2014.

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