How To Select Modern Water Features For A Home

How To Select Modern Water Features For Outdoor LandscapingModern water features often look like works of art and can be built to fit nearly any style of home. There are an endless number of contemporary pond and fountain designs available, and a skilled installer can create a piece that’s worth talking about and sitting around. Increasingly, affluent neighborhoods and homes are making use of ponds and fountains for a variety of reasons.  A well done piece can even add value to a home, making it easier to sell and worth more on the market.

What are some highly desired modern water features?

Fountains and ponds can be created in a variety of sizes, from simple, stoic accent pieces to huge centerpieces. Some fountains can be built in a space no larger than a sizeable plant and can be sculpted to any shape. A popular choice is cutting a stone or metal slab into straight, angular proportions and installing a fountain inside it. For example, the stone or metal piece can be installed upright with a small slit cut in it near the top of the slab. A steady, even flow of liquid is channeled through the slit and gives the space a sophisticated feel. With a larger pond, many of these slabs can be installed together, producing a scene of symmetry and calm.

Smaller fountains and ponds can take on other forms, as well. A small accent pond can be built out of a piece of dark granite or out of a hollowed rock and dressed up with lilies or other plants. Some ponds are built into granite, stone or metal troughs and fitted with a small fountain to keep the pool stirring and produce sound. Accent fountains can be built into the side of the trough or placed over the pond.

Homeowners with more space like this modern water features a lot and often choose a trough style because it can be built in narrow spaces and designed easily. For instance, it’s popular to build the pond against a wall and place several accent fountain heads over it. These can be as simple as small rills emptying into the pond or as intricate as carved sculptures fitted with the fount heads.

Homeowners that have significant space to work with should consider building several ponds or large rills, possibly around a garden or entertaining area. These ponds look great when constructed out of stone and can be placed in symmetrical, interesting patterns. When stocked with fish and surrounded by landscaping, they offer the perfect place to reflect and relax.

Contemporary ponds and fountains are becoming more popular and are a natural companion to contemporary homes.

This article was published on Wednesday 07 May, 2014.

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