How To Select The Best Koi Pond Design Option

What Are The Types Of Koi Pond Design Options For LandscapesKoi pond design evolved in many ways from the earliest records of carp being bred for their color in China over 1,000 years ago. With all of the changes and options for this water feature, what remains is the pleasure and relaxation of the colorful fish in a natural-looking setting. Some of the newer options that help the fish include specialized filters, both mechanical and biological. A waterfall or fountain is a favorite choice that adds beauty, and a delightful sound that is peaceful to be near. A fountain also adds the benefit of adding oxygen, which ornamental carp, also known as Koi, need for their best health and longevity.

Some types of Koi pond design has modern granite or marble walls and nearby seating. These are sometimes seen in a corporate setting where a calm and serene surrounding can enhance business discussions. The most popular style has rocks, boulders and vegetation, which create a natural appearance. With either style of design, it is useful to have professionals do a site study to take into account the topography and grade of the land, as well as existing lighting, vegetation and nearby buildings. Quite often wall seating is built into the landscaping with a view of the water features being a primary consideration.

The water should be kept clean
. There are systems that can do this without chemicals, and this helps to keep the environment healthier overall. The IonGen System offered by Prime Lawn is one such arrangement and has been a popular choice for Koi pond design with either the rocky natural setting or the smoother marble ponds. The Koi fish can bring many relaxing and enjoyable times to a backyard or business landscape. It is well worth setting up the fish habitat so that they can enjoy a long life and bring these rewards to their new home.

This article was published on Thursday 27 February, 2014.

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