How Is An Underground Sprinkler System Installed?

How Is An Underground Sprinkler System Installed In A Yard?An underground sprinkler system has to be precisely designed and installed to produce the desired spread of watering. To do this, many things have to be taken into account. This includes water pressure, flow rates, the size and grade of the yard, and the nature of the plants in the yard. Because these will vary from home to home, a professional installer should be tasked with designing and placing the setup. Prime Lawn is an industry leader in designing and placing efficient irrigation setups and can help a homeowner get the lush lawn they are looking for.

What will be done when a professional installs an underground sprinkler system?

The first thing Prime Lawn will do when creating an irrigation setup is produce a custom design for the yard. To do this, the home’s water pressure and flow rate must first be gauged. The water pressure will determine the spread distance of each watering head. Flow rates refer to the amount of water available through the home’s supply line. It determines how many watering heads can be placed behind a single valve. If there is too little or too much pressure, the watering heads won’t produce the correct spread of irrigation. If there is too little flow, the heads won’t function correctly.

Prime Lawn will determine the optimal number and configuration of watering heads using pressure and flow rate measurements
. If there isn’t enough flow to irrigate the entire yard, Prime Lawn will create a multi-valve setup that is activated in sequence. This will ensure every part of the yard gets adequate irrigation, even when there isn’t enough water to power all of the heads at once.

How is an underground sprinkler system installed?

Before digging into the yard, make sure all utility lines and cables have been marked by the utility companies
. Cutting into a utility line is dangerous and will leave the home without power or other utilities. Once this is done, Prime Lawn will trench the yard to provide channels for the plumbing. Pipes and fittings are then set in the trenches, which are tied into the main service line running to the house. This is one of the most technical parts of the process, as some areas mandate professional assistance when tying into the service line.

A shutoff valve is then connected to the setup. This will allow the homeowner to shut off the irrigation setup at a moment’s notice. A backflow prevention device is also tied into the irrigation setup and prevents irrigation water from draining back into the main supply line, ensuring there is no contamination of water pumped into the home. Controller wires and the valve manifold are both installed next.

Once these components are placed where they need to go, Prime Lawn will attach the irrigation heads to their predetermined positions. Prime Lawn’s proprietary rotor design is wind resistant and provides an optimal spread of water while using less. This allows for larger setups that can spread out over greater distances.

This article was published on Thursday 15 May, 2014.

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