Installing A Backyard Waterfall Can Improve The Look Of A Home

How Can A Backyard Waterfall Improve The Look Of A Home?Few design flourishes are as enchanting as a backyard waterfall, and they are a lot easier to install than a homeowner might expect. In general, a skilled professional can place one of these features into any space, no matter how much room there is or how the design of the space. Accent features can offer a little extra sound and motion on a patio or in a small garden, or a homeowner may want to go bigger, opting for a feature that spans the length of the property. Experienced professionals can also create the feature using any aesthetic, including natural, contemporary or artistic.

How can a backyard waterfall be used to improve the look of the property?

These features have been used around the world for centuries to create spaces for relaxation and meditation. The steady trickling and gentle motion of the water is enough to lull someone into a calm state, and when combined with a pond, these features can craft a dynamic scene.

The most popular option remains a natural looking feature, though even this aesthetic design has an endless variety of options. Natural features are typically made by stacking stones on top of each other and excavating several levels to create a series of falls. The chosen stone and its arrangement will determine the feature’s look, as well as added landscaping. Installers can also arrange the stones in a way that splits the flow of liquid, creating multiple drops at every level. It helps sell a natural look and creates a much more visually appealing picture. If a homeowner has enough space, they may consider adding a small stream that leads up to the feature.  When combined with enough landscaping, these installations may make a person feel like they’ve stumbled across a solitary forest river.

Not all homeowners want a natural look from their backyard waterfall, however. Homes made with a modern aesthetic may be paired better with a contemporary design, and there are many ways to achieve this. One option is a Japanese water garden effect, an option that people often fall in love with as soon as they see it. This look has a pond, usually stocked with koi and floating plants and a few gentle features. These features are low-volume and create a gentler sound than most other designs. The feature may empty over a series of rocks, over a cascade of hollowed out bamboo shoots or around a stoic art installation.

Contemporary designs may also include compact features built into a wall or a corner of the yard. These features often consist of a small basin and a couple of rills that circulate liquid in a tight loop. The basin may be like a trough, lined with glinting metal or clean granite.  The water can also go from an underground collection pool, covered by rocks to block visibility, to the top of a wall fitted with rocks or pieces of wood.

For an experienced professional, space and aesthetic concerns are small obstacles
. A homeowner can often get what they want without having to make significant compromises.

This article was published on Tuesday 02 December, 2014.

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