Irrigation and Drainage

Every yard needs proper irrigation and drainage for many reasons.  Many areas in the southeast have been hit with drought conditions in recent years, putting strain on the water supply. Now, more than ever, it is important to conserve as much water as possible while maintaining the health of the landscaping. The best way to do this is with a watering system that is calibrated to the yard it’s installed in. With proper coverage, precipitation and timing, a yard can be kept green and lush without wasting water.

Overwatering and under-watering are two of the biggest threats to a yard’s health
. Without expert irrigation  installation,  drainage, grass, trees and other plants will discolor and deteriorate, possibly causing the growth of fungus or molds. Grass that is exposed to poor watering conditions for long may not be able to recover even when conditions improve. This will necessitate expensive and time consuming reseeding. Overwatering can be a major problem, too, because it can result in runoff and soil erosion. Over time, soil erosion will strip the yard of valuable nutrients necessary for proper plant growth. If the yard is treated with fertilizers or pesticides, runoff can damage the environment and pollute the water supply.

The only way to avoid these problems is to provide customized irrigation and expert drainage installation service for the yard
. Several factors must be taken into consideration before installing a system, like yard and soil composition, area climate and the size and grade of the property. Most grasses found in neighborhood yards grow roots that extend to about a foot under the surface. Bluegrass, a highly popular turf-grass, grows roots that extend around six inches deep. To promote steady, healthy growth, the soil must be saturated to this root zone. If the water does not reach the root zone, the grass will compensate by growing shorter roots, which will leave it susceptible to harsh weather conditions, particularly drought. If the water penetrates beyond the root zone, it will be completely wasted because the grass won’t be able to reach it. The most important thing when considering the yard’s irrigation and drainage, therefore, is precipitation.

Most sprinkler systems sold at department stores are incapable of providing even coverage. They also cannot be finely calibrated, so they need to be closely monitored and moved every so often to water the entire yard. For this reason, underground systems are generally the superior option, but even these can be plagued with issues if they use lesser rotors and sprinkler heads. Ideally, every device should be fitted with a rotor that can produce multiple streams and is wind resistant. Wind evaporation is a major problem that affects yard irrigation and drainage. With an even precipitation spread and timed sprinklers, the yard can be watered without interference with wind. Advanced rotors can also reach grass close to the sprinkler and promote additional soak time with its uniformity. These rotors can be set up to provide water to yards of all shapes and sizes, including those that are sloped.

The yard often provides the first impression, and can either be a point of pride or an eyesore
. To maintain its curb appeal, the yard should be fitted with a state of the art watering system.

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