An Irrigation System Is Essential For Healthy Yard

An Irrigation System Installation Is Essential For Yard MaintenanceAn irrigation system is a basic, but essential, part of yard maintenance. Without a professionally designed setup, a homeowner will have trouble keeping their landscaping in a healthy condition. A poorly designed installation can provide too much or too little water, or it will overwater certain areas while leaving others dry. Precision is key when placing sprinkler heads, and they need to be well-planned before they are operated. This is why the job is best left to the experts at Prime Lawn.

How will Prime Lawn’s experts install an irrigation system?

Before any sprinkler heads are placed, Prime Lawn will first survey the property, determine its drainage patterns and begin laying out where the sprinkler heads and plumbing will go. At this point, Prime Lawn will begin excavation, taking care to avoid any utility lines buried underground. One of the biggest problems do-it-yourselfers run into is damaging utility lines during excavation. This can cut off the home’s utilities or even cause serious injury.

When planning sprinkler head placement, Prime Lawn will take several factors into account
. These include the dimensions of the yard, any landscaping, the home’s water pressure, the type of service line feeding the home’s water and the type of piping that will be used to deliver water to the sprinkler heads. With this information, Prime Lawn can determine how much water can be used while the irrigation system is in operation. Once all of this I calculated, Prime Lawn’s experts will start plotting the location of each sprinkler head, ensuring the right sprinkler head is picked for each area. For example, it is typically better to reserve spray heads for smaller areas and rotors for larger areas. By utilizing the right sprinkler heads for each area, Prime Lawn can maximize coverage using the water that is available.

When the design is complete, installation can begin. On large properties, multiple zones may have to be installed, each of them operating one after another to provide water to the entire yard. Setting this up requires extensive knowledge of hydraulics and plumbing and takes precise piping connections. If there is sprawling landscaping or hardscaping present, this will complicate the installation even further. Prime Lawn has experience working in a variety of job settings, so their professionals can adapt to any yard design.

Prime Lawn uses particular multi-stream rotors that are extremely water efficient. It is also wind resistant, so it consistently produces even coverage throughout the yard. Even coverage is necessary for preserving soil integrity and avoiding excessive drainage or runoff. It meets all environmental standards and lowers utility costs with its increased efficiency. Prime Lawn’s rotor heads can also spread out over a 30 foot perimeter, offering unparalleled coverage for a homeowner.

Setting up a series of sprinklers is more complicated than it may seem at first. With the help of Prime Lawn’s professionals, though, a homeowner can get a vibrant looking yard that will stand out in any neighborhood.

This article was published on Thursday 12 June, 2014.

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