Kid Safe Water Features

What Are Kid Safe Water FeaturesThe look of a garden or backyard can be greatly improved with kid safe water features which provide optimum safety without sacrificing beauty. Drowning is a major hazard for young children. In fact, it is the second-leading cause of death for children aged one to fourteen, behind only motor vehicle accidents. Many of these accidents occur at home around an unprotected pond or pool. For this reason, child safety should be the first priority when selecting a decorative piece to add to the yard. Fortunately, there are several options available to homeowners with small children.

The most common kid safe water features are ones that don’t include any standing water
. Pondless waterfalls are an extremely popular choice and contain no standing liquids. The base of the falls is normally covered with gravel or cobblestones and is fitted with a pump underneath. The pump supplies water back to the start of the circuit, so no additional maintenance is required. Pondless models normally incorporate intricate rock and landscaping designs. These designs are not only better for children, they are easier to keep clean and don’t contain any stagnant liquids. This is especially helpful along the Gulf Coast, where mosquitos are a constant problem. Mosquitos breed in standing liquids, so pondless features may be a better choice for people who don’t like dealing with these pests.

Pondless designs are only limited by a person’s imagination
. They can be traditional, like those built from stone and landscaping or bordering on bizarre. Homeowners have built kid safe water features into a number of objects, like gigantic millstones, metal tubing, glass sculptures or recycled materials. They can be small, only measuring a couple feet on one side or large enough to take up most of the yard. In short, pondless designs can be just as beautiful as those with ponds as long as the installer is familiar with them.

Another option is fitting the top of the pond with a screen or grate. This is only practical for smaller ponds and isn’t feasible for all designs. When installed, the screen will help keep children from sinking into the pond and will also protect any fish from wildlife. Families that expect visiting children should consider a screen or grate if they don’t want a pondless design.

A final option is placing a fence around the pond to keep children out. This will only work on small children who can’t climb over the fence or just unlatch it, but it is effective. A fence can be designed and integrated into a yard’s aesthetic, so it can boost the look of the property while providing additional security. Fencing is also effective at keeping out some forms of wildlife, which keep the fish from becoming dinner for a raccoon or rodent. Fencing is available in a variety of designs and heights, so a homeowner can also get better privacy around their pond if they want the space to be a private retreat.

These options will protect children from the ever-present threat of standing water
. Once in place, a homeowner can rest easy knowing that their children can play in the backyard without risk.

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Why Should A Family Get Water Features That Are Safe For Kids
A family that has children or expects to entertain children often should consider water features that are safe for kids before installing anything in the backyard. One of the leading causes of death for children under the age of 14 is drowning, and many of these occur while at home.
Published: Thursday 30 January, 2014
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