Koi Ponds

Why Install Koi Ponds And Water Features For Outdoor LandscapesThe addition of water features when landscaping is an ongoing trend in the world of landscaping and can include water gardens, fountains, koi ponds, and waterfalls. A talented landscaper will even be able to custom design a flowing stream through a homeowner’s yard! Koi ponds are great inclusions to a landscape design and beneficial to an owner’s health and wallet alike. The sound of running water has long been proven as a relaxing and soothing sound for people. Aquascaping helps people reduce the tension and anxiety in their fast-paced lives. They also increase a house’s market value and makes the home more attractive to a prospective buyer. This particular type of water feature is almost completely self-maintaining, making them a desired addition to any home’s landscape.  

When aquascaping with water gardens, it is generally recommended to consult a professional. They are experts in designing and installing aquascapes. Koi ponds are an environmentally friendly feature to introduce to one’s landscape and maintain. A well-equipped aquatic feature will include:

•    a mechanical and biological filtration system
•    the pump and its plumbing

  • The latest pump and filter technology means ponds can be installed under trees without worrying about clogging the pump with leaves and other debris.

•    a liner

  • The 45 mil EPDM liner is highly recommended because they are better able to handle temperature extremes, are stronger than their PVC counterparts, more UV resistant than PVC, and are less likely to puncture or tear.

•    the underlayment
•    a berm (ledge)
•    any desired underwater lighting
•    rock and gravel
•    automatic fill valve
•    and/or a waterfall

There are several steps to installing koi ponds. First, it needs to be designed – will it be a rectangle, an oval, will it be a freeform shape? Second, the shape will be sprayed onto the area designated for the pond. Next, the area will be dug out and the skimmer and pump housing unit will be placed. At this time, if a waterfall is being installed, it will be situated at the opposite end from the pump/skimmer unit. A ditch that will house the plumbing from the pump to the waterfall will be dug and the plumbing installed. Once, that is done, the ditch is covered in dirt. Next, the underlayment is installed to protect the liner from root and rock damage. Then the liner is placed and the pond is filled with water. The liner is smoothed out and any necessary folds are created. A leak check will be performed at this stage and minor corrections carried out. Gravel and rocks are next, followed by the fish and bacteria starter. After this, it is time to enjoy the tranquility of a personal oasis.

Once installed, koi ponds are simple to maintain and upkeep. Most of the maintenance is handled by the filtration system and the koi. While the mechanical pump keeps the water moving to help with filtration, the plants in the water garden also aid in filtering the water. Because the fish will consume the plants as a part of their diet, they will keep plant growth to a good minimum. The rocks and gravel will also reduce maintenance as they provide a surface for good bacteria to grow, and they protect the liner from damaging UV radiation. Cleaning the skimmers daily (or every couple of days) and removing any surface debris will keep the plant and fish life healthy.

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