Landscape Design

What Is Landscape Design For Outdoors and PatiosThe art of landscape design combines elements of architecture, gardening, painting, and sculpture to create amazing outdoor spaces. An experienced horticultural consultant will plan a garden to be an ever-changing piece of art based on the seasons. They will also create garden spaces that fit the abilities of the owner – whether the gardens will require little to no maintenance or will be high maintenance. Expert Landscape design in Kingwood, TX requires more than just plant knowledge. A professional will be able to design an outdoor kitchen, an oasis surrounding the pool, a beautiful backyard patio, or create a stunning walkway to a front door. A horticultural professional will turn a humdrum space into an exquisite and functional spot.

Landscape design is the incorporation of landscaping, hardscaping (paths, walkways, etc.), water features, irrigation, lighting, and pest control to create an oasis out of one’s garden. The garden is a critical location for any property – whether a private residence or business. First impressions are lasting impressions, and inadequately maintained spaces create a negative impression about the property and reflect poorly upon the owner. For a garden space to make a great first impression, it is recommended that a homeowner or business owner consult a horticultural professional to plan and carry out such an undertaking.

Horticultural consultants are master planners with the proper knowledge and training to create aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sustainable gardens. They will not only understand and know how to make the best use of a garden space, but will enhance a building’s façade by using the right combination of the following:


The power of color and its effects on the senses are well known. A horticultural professional is like an artist – they will understand how to utilize different palettes to attract the eye, create a specific atmosphere, or affect the perception by creating patterns of light and dark or shallowness and depth.


The shapes of trees, shrubs, and plants are important in the planning of a garden
. When a horticultural professional plans a garden space, they must factor in the growth rates of plants, the final structure of a mature plant, and whether a plant grows symmetrically or asymmetrically.  Understanding form helps horticultural professionals to place plants in the most advantageous spot for optimal growth and aesthetics.


How a plant looks or feels influences the overall landscape design. Plants have many qualities – not just color. They can be rough or smooth, soft or sharp, glossy or matte. The ability to use texture correctly creates balance between different plant qualities.

A business owner can consult a professional to create a relaxing space for employees to take their breaks in or to make the front of their businesses more appealing to their customers.

Homeowners know a great landscape design not only creates envy amongst their neighbors, but also increases the value of their homes. Horticultural consultants will know how to create shade for the hot summer months, use trees and shrubs to give homeowners privacy in their backyards, and even block out noise.  They will be able to install irrigation and plan drainage, so that the space is always maintained. They will even know how to keep the pests away so a person can enjoy their beautiful space. So leave the overwhelming task of landscaping to the professionals – they know what they are doing!

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