Up Lighting

Up lighting is a form of illumination that is mounted on the ground and casts a beam vertically into trees or other landscaping features. It is a common type of illumination prized for its ability to create dramatic silhouettes and effects. The fixtures normally used for this purpose are LED projectors usually hidden from view with shrubs or rocks. They may be solar powered or hooked to a separate power source that is also concealed from sight. LED fixtures are preferred for this pattern of illumination, because they operate with superior efficiency and can be easily customized.

Most homeowners place up lighting around their property to highlight large trees, the front of the house or any interesting landscaping features. They are also a smart choice for walkways, staircases or the area around a pool or pond. It’s best to set these fixtures up against an object like a tree because the beam will, to some extent, be reflected off the object and fill the immediate area with illumination. This improves visibility and the look of the yard at night. For larger properties, these fixtures can provide an extra layer of security by eliminating any dark alcoves or hiding places created by dense flora.

When placed strategically, they can also impart an imposing or dramatic look over a property. The askew, elongated shadows these fixtures cast can affect a person’s perception and make the home appear larger. Placing multiple layers of illumination can increase this effect even more. For example, a row of trees spaced from the front of the property to the home are perfect candidates for up lighting. By installing the fixtures at multiple distances, it will seem like the home is further back from the road.

When placed around a rocky area or water feature, the extra visibility these fixtures offer can improve safety. A backyard pool is a popular retreat once the sun goes down, but it may not feel safe if it is shrouded in darkness. With a few well-placed LED projectors, the area can be bathed in soft radiance. This can also be effective at keeping wildlife away from the pool.

LED projectors are the technology of choice for many homeowners because they are extremely efficient and produce very little radiant heat. Both of these are primary considerations because these fixtures are often left on all night. Inferior fixtures will waste large amounts of power and run up the utility bill. They will also produce more heat, which can result in a fire hazard, particularly around landscaping. LED fixtures are also the longest lasting on the market, maintaining steady performance for around 50,000 hours on average. This is two to five times longer than other forms of illumination.

This addition to the yard can change the look of the property like few other features can. Their impact is immediate and requires little setup. In short, they are the perfect choice for the homeowner that wants to make a quick, powerful impression.

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