Misting System

What Is A Misting System For Mosquito Repellant?A mosquito misting system can be the answer for a yard overrun by pests. All manner of stinging and biting insects inhabit yards along the Gulf Coast, and many of them carry diseases deadly to people and pets. To combat this threat, homeowners turn to repelling technology, but most of these options are lacking in some areas. Spray-on repellant is sticky, uncomfortable and produces a bad odor. Candles can only protect a small part of the yard. Bug lights quickly become filthy. Insecticide is effective, but applying it without professional help is dangerous and professional help can be expensive.

For these reasons, many families limit their time outside or just put up with the constant stinging and biting
. Normally, insect bites and stings are only annoying, not dangerous. However, many children are allergic to bites or stings and mosquitos can carry many blood borne illnesses. These include West Nile Virus, encephalitis or even Dengue fever in some parts of Texas. Pets can also be infected with heartworm, a possibly fatal disease that’s expensive to treat. Protecting the home from these pests has become an increased need for homeowners. A misting system can provide this layer of security without the inconveniences that other repelling methods come with.

A misting system is an automated method of defense against mosquitos, flies, wasps, bees, ticks, mites, gnats, spiders, and mud daubers. Each setup uses insecticide (typically pyrethrum) to kill off pests before they have a chance to bite or sting. When placed strategically, these setups can create a perimeter through which insects cannot pass. In effect, a porch, a deck or even an entire property can be turned into a “no fly zone” for pests. This gives the family freedom to walk around outside without fear of being bitten or stung by troublesome insects.

These setups consist of three major parts. A master reservoir unit contains the insecticide in a single drum. There are multiple drum sizes available, from compact 30 gallon tanks perfect for protecting a small area, to 225 gallon tanks capable of securing a large piece of land. This reservoir is connected to several nozzles placed around the property. These nozzles deliver the insecticide in a fine spray that is barely noticeable. In fact, one of the most important design principles behind the misting system is aesthetics. Every piece of the setup is built to remain out of sight and to blend in with its surroundings.

For example, the nylon tubing that connects the reservoir to the nozzles is run underground. The nozzles are tiny and attach to narrow copper risers that keep them elevated. These are normally placed around landscaping that can hide them from sight. The misting system is run from an easy to use control box located inside the home. From here, an operator has access to several options, including insecticide application frequency and the amount of insecticide used during each application. This allows the homeowner to respond quickly to periods of heavy pest activity.

In most cases, it takes four to eight hours to install the setup. However, this small time investment is worth the safety and comfort it brings to the occupants of the home.

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