Outdoor Surround Sound

The pool is finished, that old concrete patio was upgraded with pavers, the new outside kitchen with the custom gas grill is complete, yet something still seems to be missing – an outdoor surround sound system. An outside entertainment system can be as simple as a couple of multidirectional speakers wired or wirelessly connected to a device, or it can be as grand as an outside home theater with projector, portable big screen, and speakers. The possibilities are limitless with the new speaker technology available now.

An outdoor surround sound system can really set your patio entertaining apart from the typical “meats and eats” events
. With a personal backyard entertainment system, you can watch movies, watch sporting events, listen to music, or even play video games. There are a couple of options available for people looking to upgrade their backyards with an outside entertainment system. With the new wireless external speakers, they can be camouflaged to look like the natural surroundings, most commonly as rocks. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors to adapt to anyone’s personal preferences. The advantages of a wireless system are that there are no wires to try to hide. In addition, they can be placed just about anywhere for optimal listening. Another option is a wired speaker system.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both set ups. The disadvantage to a wireless speaker system is that the resonance can be distorted by interference from other wireless devices. A way to get around this is to make sure you install high quality, weatherproof wireless speakers. When considering installation of a wireless outside entertainment system, the quality of the speakers is an essential component. Inexpensive speakers may lead to inferior quality, poor transmission, interference, and distortion. The advantage of the wired system is that there is less potential for interference. The disadvantage is it is harder to hide wires for a seamless look, and the wires can be a safety hazard if not concealed properly.

For an outside acoustic experience, finding the right system and positioning the speakers is crucial. Having a professional installer is helpful as they will be able to assess the size of the space and accurately place the correct number of speakers necessary to project the right sound. No matter which option you choose, outdoor surround sound is an excellent way to kick your backyard entertainment up. Add in a backyard home theater with a projector and big screen and you have the makings of an impressive party that everyone will want to attend.

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