Paver Maintenance

What Is Paver Maintenance For Hardscaping WalkwaysPerforming regular concrete paver maintenance can preserve the look of hardscaping for years, even decades. Fortunately, hardscaping made from this material is extremely durable and only requires minimal attention, normally just the occasional cleaning. However, a homeowner that wants the most from their hardscaping should consider a couple of extra projects. These will ensure maximum integrity and aesthetic quality from the hardscaping.

As long as the hardscaping is installed correctly to begin with, there should be minimal paver maintenance required. If, however, a utility line needs to be repaired or the hardscaping is not fitting together well, a professional may need to remove some of the blocks. Additional bedding sand can be placed to smooth out any uneven spots and the edge restraints replaced if blocks are drifting apart. In most cases, additional blocks aren’t needed for these fixes and the hardscaping can be restored to its initial appearance with only minimal work.

If the hardscaping is properly installed, regular cleaning is often all that’s required. Over time, discoloration known as efflorescence may occur on the concrete. Efflorescence gives the concrete a milky appearance, with white spots washing out the colors in the blocks. While it may appear that the color is fading, this is not the case. Efflorescence is a chemical reaction that occurs when calcium oxide in the concrete interacts with carbon dioxide in the air. This normally happens when the concrete is exposed to water, as the calcium oxide is pushed from capillaries in the concrete to the exposed air. When the calcium oxide and carbon dioxide react, they create the milky look on the concrete. This can easily be treated with specialty cleaners that will restore the concrete to its original look.

Another way to prevent discoloration is sealing the hardscaping. This can be done relatively quickly with special chemicals created for this purpose. Sealing and regular application of biodegradable herbicides can also prevent ants and weeds from inhabiting the spaces between the blocks. Sealing can also prevent damage caused by snow or ice, but concrete hardscaping is extremely hardy against ice and snow, so this is rarely a concern.

There are several options available when picking a hardscaping material for a project. Some of these materials can be installed quickly, but will need constant attention to remain effective. Others are costly and difficult to install, but will withstand decades of wear. Concrete pavers provide the best of both worlds with relatively simple installation, a customized look and premium durability. The primary reason why concrete paver maintenance is so simple is because the individual blocks can quickly be replaced should damage occur. These blocks are created in a range of colors, shapes and sizes, but they are made to be uniform. This allows quick substitution in case something happens to the hardscaping.

This material can withstand both intense heat and extreme winter conditions without trouble. They are also made to handle heavy foot traffic and will retain their shape even under extreme loads. This shouldn’t be a surprise, because this material was specifically designed for hardscaping projects.

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