Pergola and Arbors

What are Arbors for Outdoor Design and PatiosWhile they may look the same to most people, there are a few subtle differences between a pergola and arbors. These differences can have a big impact on design decisions, but with either, the sky is the limit. Both can be integrated into an exterior space of any size and can be built in a range of styles. Both have been used for years in multiple venues, and are ideal for entertaining guests and adding beauty to the yard.

Some people, even professional builders, refer to a pergola and arbors interchangeably, but there are notable differences to be aware of. A handy rule of thumb when trying to identify which is which is determining if a person is meant to sit or lounge under the structure. Both are freestanding structures, but an arbor tends to be smaller and often features latticework along the top. They are usually placed at an entrance, whether to a garden on onto the property itself. In general, they are best for improving the look of the property and are highly effective at doing so. A pergola may look similar at first glance, but they are typically much larger and are often covered with a slatted roof or something else that screens out a lot of sunlight. They often cover an outdoor seating, cooking or entertainment area and may be found anywhere on the property for this purpose.

What is a Pergola for Outdoors and PatiosHowever, both a pergola and arbors are perfect for improving the look and sophistication of an exterior space
. Either can be fitted with intricate latticework that is beautiful itself, but can be enhanced further by training plants to grow on them. Ivy, grapevines and roses can all be grown in this fashion and impart serene, viridian scenery into the structure. For this reason, they are often found in or around gardens, where they provide a nice contrast between nature and manmade. This look can be even more striking when they are made from natural, unfinished wood.
Both are a bit of a blank slate, able to take on nearly any architectural style, color, shape or size. A traditional southern build may be perfect for an outdoor barbecue area or a full size exterior kitchen. A contemporary, angular look can fit into an outdoor seating or conversation area. Contemporary builds are also ideal for covering an outdoor bar or audio/visual entertainment center. If a homeowner wants a classical look, with beautifully designed, ornamental pillars, those are available too. With precise placement, both can produce enchanting shadows that can cascade through the home or yard. In short, the only limiting factor is imagination. Their simple design means just about any look can be made into reality.

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