Pondless Waterfalls

What Is A Pondless Waterfall?A pondless waterfall is the perfect option for a home owner that doesn’t have a lot of space to spare or doesn’t want to maintain a pond. Though beautiful, lagoons do require some maintenance or they may attract mosquitos and algae growth. Homeowners that would rather not bother with the upkeep but still want the sound of rushing liquid can get what they need with this system. From an outside observer’s point of view, the sight of one of these features can be confusing. After all, where is the liquid coming from and where does it go once it hits the bottom? Many homeowners would be surprised at just how simple these features really are.

The idea of a pondless waterfall is a bit misguiding, because these features are still connected to a standing body of liquid, it’s just not visible. At the base of the feature, the installer will place a bed of rocks or gravel to hide a grate that sits over an opening in the ground. Under the surface, the liquid will fall into a reservoir that is attached to a pump. The pump channels the liquid through a filter and up to the top of the feature, where it repeats the process again. In effect, these features are closed systems that are compact and nearly free of maintenance. Because they don’t require a lot of infrastructure to place, these features are available in a huge number of designs and builds. They can be small enough to serve as an accent piece and large enough to span an entire backyard. The options are only limited by the homeowner’s preferences.

The most popular design is one that includes a dynamic rock and landscape. Made to look like a natural feature, these designs look like a series of rocky plateaus and create a joyful combination of sound and motion. If built large enough, this pondless waterfall can produce sounds close to natural rapids. During a period of relaxation, this sound can drown out the day’s worries and lull a person into deep meditation.

This isn’t the only design available, though. Some homeowners opt for something more contemporary and crafted, like a series of smooth granite or marble steps. Contemporary features are often sharply designed so they are ideal for staring into and getting lost in thought. Contemporary designs are even better when combined with lighting placed under the surface or near the edge of the falls. The light will give the feature new life at night by making it stand out.

A home doesn’t need to dedicate a lot of space to one of these features, however. Some designs can be compressed to the size of a single vase or art installation. They can also be relatively flat, with only subtle gradations spread out over a longer distance. Some homeowners like to build several rills into the ground and combine one of these systems with the rills. The effect can be striking and sophisticated.

These features provide the perfect combination of beauty and ease of handling, providing an aesthetic air to a property with none of the maintenance.

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