Popular Ways To Combine Water Features And Fountains

Popular Ways To Combine Water Features And Fountains For A HomeWater features with fountains are becoming a popular addition to properties that need a little more visual interest. Fountains are natural companions to ponds, as they provide sound and motion, as well as keep the surface of the pond disturbed just enough to discourage mosquitos from landing and birds from attacking fish. They can also aerate the pond a bit, adding some more oxygen for fish. However, their primary purpose is so they can beautify a pond or other installation.

What are some popular ways to combine water features and fountains?

Ponds can be built to any size or shape, but they often need a little more space to provide a dynamic visual punch that homeowners often want. A constant trickle of water gracefully arched through the air can deliver this punch, and can be combined with nearly any pond. The most popular application is still a natural look. With a naturally appearing installation, the pond is often ringed with stacked stone, usually made from limestone, sandstone, brownstone, slate, granite or flagstone, and landscaping. In the middle of the pond, an installer will place the fountain, providing a lovely visual centerpiece that helps tie the feature and its surrounding landscaping together.

Some homeowners don’t want a full-size pond and prefer to make sound and motion the focal point of the yard. These homeowners may prefer a pondless installation. With a pondless installation, the water is collected into an underground basin covered with a grate. Gravel or stone covers the screen to keep it discrete. With a pondless design, the emphasis is on the movement and sound. Incorporating these features into any design is simple, including classical, like a multi-tiered placement adorned with intricate engravings and sculptures. A homeowner can also opt for a contemporary or more modest look, using pottery or an art installation to frame the installation.

If neither solution appeals to the homeowner, accent water features combined with fountains may offer the perfect compromise.

Accent placements are for smaller areas and can be installed against an exterior wall or tucked away in a corner of the yard
. This makes them perfect for delicate, tranquil spaces like gardens. Accent installations are also available in a huge range of designs. One popular option is to circulate the water from one or more spouts out of the wall into a small pond or basin. The spouts can be adorned with sculptures or colorful mosaics, making for a beautiful mix of sight and sound. Another popular option is to cascade the liquid down a series of stones or artistically arranged lacquered planks of wood.

No matter what look a homeowner wants, a fountain can transform a static feature into a dynamic, interesting piece.

This article was published on Monday 01 December, 2014.

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