Questions And Answers About Backyard Ponds And Waterfalls

Common Questions About Backyard Ponds and Waterfalls Q&A

What does it take for a backyard to include ponds and waterfalls?

It’s now common for homeowners to combine both of these features into a single installation. Though it takes some advanced planning, an installer can merge the two together in an endless number of ways. Placing both usually requires a little more space, but the added beauty and reduction in maintenance can make it well worth it. The sound of the water gently falling can lull a person into a deep relaxation, while the still beauty of the pond’s surface can often help a person discard their stress.

What is the benefit of installing backyard ponds and several waterfalls?

Together, these features promote a more complete sensory experience. This can help a person stabilize their mood and promote better mental health overall. These features are also perfect when establishing an area for entertaining guests and is sure to become the focus of the property. Placing lights around and in the pond will bathe the area in a soft, peaceful glow. In short, this means the area can be used for day or nighttime activities. These features also support the local ecology, giving frogs, lizards, birds, snails and butterflies a source of water to draw from. In times of drought, these features will buoy plant and animal life in the area.

Some homeowners worry about maintaining these types of water features and preventing algae or mosquitos from taking over the area. Several falls installed around the water feature’s edge are perfect for neutralizing these concerns. By disturbing and circulating the water, algae will be slower to take root and mosquitos will have trouble resting on the surface. The addition of fish and other scavengers (like snails) can prevent algae and mosquitos even further.

How many options are available when installing backyard ponds and waterfalls?

There is an endless range of designs and styles available to the homeowner during installation. The most popular option is to channel the liquid through a dramatic rock scape and have it tumble into a pool near the base of the scape. This can be used to create a Japanese garden aesthetic that many homeowners love. Planting vividly colored trees and flowers around the edge of the feature piece will complete the effect and create the perfect area for peaceful meditation.

Homeowners looking for something more contemporary will also have a huge number of options to choose from
. Contemporary features are usually more angular and may include sharply cut pieces of granite of other rock, art installations, or other sculptures, like bowls or rills. Contemporary features tend to be more compact in size and can make the perfect accent piece. 

Will a homeowner need professional assistance when placing these water features?


Even the smallest feature can be a challenge for an untrained person to install correctly. Larger water features are generally impossible without the help of a skilled contractor. Building the feature to fit the design is just one part of the process. A liner will need to be placed to prevent nearby soil from being overwhelmed with moisture, and additional plumbing may be required. For these reasons, a homeowner should put the job in the hands of talented professionals.

This article was published on Friday 24 January, 2014.

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