Reasons Hiring An Experienced Pond Contractor Is Crucial

Hiring A Pond Contractor Is Essential For Water Feature ConstructionA homeowner should select their pond contractor carefully, as building a large water feature is a complicated process. A number of challenges can emerge during construction and resolving these means trusting an experienced and knowledgeable professional. A poorly designed or installed feature may choke with algae, get dirty with debris or contamination or just leak. It’s not enough to excavate the land and design a nice looking feature. The right filtering and drainage systems have to be in place to ensure its long term health. This is even more important when placing fish in the water, as fish require a finely controlled environment.

Why should an experienced pond contractor like Prime Lawn handle water feature construction?

Even the smallest feature will require significant excavation and foundation setting, both of which are physically demanding. During the excavation, the builders will have to remove hundreds of cubic feet of earth while avoiding utility lines and staying within the planned design.  The soil will have to be tamped down and sloped to promote efficient drainage after removing the dirt. Bedding sand and an impermeable lining are placed to fortify the foundation. Every step of the process must be complete, or the feature will collapse, leak or erode, making the water unsuitable for decorative purposes.

And this is just the beginning. Before water can be added to the feature, installation of the filtering and drainage systems will take place, both of which require extensive plumbing to function. Many homeowners choose to add fountains or waterfalls to their feature, and these will require additional infrastructure.

Most homeowners choose a natural look, consisting of dynamic rock and landscaping, water plants or other flourishes
. Some homeowners want something a little more contemporary, with sharp angles, geometric patterns or eye-catching artistic pieces. An experienced pond contractor like Prime Lawn can create the aesthetic a homeowner is looking for, producing a feature that excels in form and function.

Homeowners can spend thousands of dollars and ruin their yard by hiring an unqualified builder to handle the installation of a water feature. If the feature is not measured accurately before construction, it may not filter properly or may result in too little space for plants or fish. If the liner or foundation is not correct, water may seep out along the edges of the feature, affecting water level and quality. Installation of the wrong filter and drains could mean sediment and organic waste will quickly foul the water. If there are any mistakes when installing plumbing, the filter may backup, or leaks may spring. If fish are going to be in the feature, the water will need to be oxygenated and protected from algae growth. In short, there are a lot of things that can wrong during pond construction, so a homeowner should only rely on the best.

That’s why Prime Lawn is one of the most respected names in Houston water feature construction
. We have the know-how to complete any project, large or small.

This article was published on Friday 18 July, 2014.

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