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Prime Lawn Rebates and Specials for Water Feature ProductsAquascape is an industry leader in water feature design, environmental sustainability, and responsible business practices, and Prime Lawn is one of the few certified Aquascape contractors in Houston. Those thinking of adding a pond to their landscape should act quickly to take advantage of Aquascape’s 2014 consumer mail-in rebate program. Between March 15th and May 31, Aquascape customers can get additional savings on select products in the form of a prepaid Visa card. The process is simple and can provide up to $100 in rebates.

What products are included in Aquascape’s 2014 mail-in rebate program?

Several pumps and lights are eligible for rebates during this time frame. These include:

  • AquaSurge PRO 2000-4000 Pump ($50 rebate)
  • AquaSurge PRO 4000-8000 Pump ($50 rebate)
  • AquaForce PRO 4000-6000 Pump ($50 rebate)
  • AquaSurge 2000 Pump ($30 rebate)
  • AquaSurge 3000 Pump ($30 rebate)
  • AquaSurge 4000 Pump ($30 rebate)
  • AquaSurge 5000 Pump ($30 rebate)
  • IonGen G2 (2013, U.S. only) ($30 rebate)
  • IonGen G2 ($30 rebate)
  • AquaForce 1000 Pump ($25 rebate)
  • AquaForce 2700 Pump ($25 rebate)
  • AquaForce 5200 Pump ($25 rebate)
  • 3-Watt LED Pond & Landscape Spotlight Kit ($10 rebate)
  • 6-Watt LED Pond & Landscape Spotlight Kit ($10 rebate)
  • 1-Watt LED Pond & Landscape Spotlight ($10 rebate)
  • 1-Watt Waterfall & Landscape Accent Light ($10 rebate)
  • LED Fountain Accent Light ($10 rebate)
  • LED Fountain Accent Light with Transformer ($10 rebate)

How can an Aquascape customer participate in the 2014 mail-in rebate program?

Anyone who purchases one or more of these items between March 15, 2014 and May 31, 2014 is eligible for rebate savings. To receive a rebate, fill out Aquascape’s rebate form and send it, along with the original UPC codes (no copies) from the product packaging. The UPC codes should be taped or stapled to the form to ensure its processing. The original or duplicate receipt should also be included, with the qualifying items circled. This will allow for the fastest possible processing time, helping Aquascape customers get their rebates as soon as possible. Those who purchase eligible products can expect their prepaid Visa card to arrive in eight to ten weeks.

All rebates must be postmarked before July 1, 2014, so be sure to contact Prime Lawn and get your pond installation set up to take advantage of this fantastic, money saving offer.

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