Residential Irrigation Systems Provide Water To A Landscape

Residential irrigation systems provide water to a lush and beautiful landscape area. In the heat of the summer, many lawns can become dry and brittle without the proper amount of water.  These units provide the necessary amount of water while maintaining cost savings for the residential customer. In addition, farmers may use these units to provide water for the livestock and surrounding vegetation.

Other benefits contributed to these units include an increase in the conservation of water, improved growth of plants and flowers and a reduction in the amount of weeds in the yard.  In addition to the benefits, there are certain components that must be installed to make this a successful process.

Residential irrigation systems include elements that are often directly connected to the plumbing system of a home. The installation process is referred to as simple and cost efficient.   These types of devices contain essential components that include water source, control valves, rain sensors, drip irrigation, sprinkler heads and a combination controller and timer.  It is best to contact an experienced technician to install one of these cost saving units.

In particular, Prime Lawn in Kingwood, Texas provides all the information necessary to make this project a reality. This is a local, family owned company known for its quality and integrity.  Prime Lawn works with systems that provide the highest amount of water efficiency with advanced technology.  Water conservation and erosion control are crucial.  The company’s improved system reduces surface runoff and increases soak time.  Contact Prime Lawn today to start on this project.

This article was published on Wednesday 02 July, 2014.

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