Sprinkler Systems

How To Use Sprinkler Systems And Installing Lawn IrrigationThe best way to ensure the health of a lawn is with efficient sprinkler systems customized to the property. A poor irrigation design will result in lots of wasted water and higher bills. Also, incomplete yard coverage will equate to unhealthy grass and plants. The yard makes the first impression for a homeowner, so everything should be done to ensure it’s a good impression. Prime Lawn can help a homeowner get the most out of their irrigation installation, providing optimal coverage while saving water consumption.

While Prime Lawn can help set up sprinkler systems at a property, it also offers efficient rotor technology that can be integrated into an existing installation. Their rotors are attached to existing sprinkler heads and represent the pinnacle of smart irrigation technology. Each rotor is wind resistant and produces multiple streams. One of the primary issues an irrigation setup has to deal with is wind. Anything more than a gentle breeze will carry the water away from the yard or cause it to pool in a small area. Prime’s smart rotor technology mitigates this problem and keeps each water stream focused.

The steady coverage produced by Prime’s sprinkler systems means equal coverage in all areas
. Equal coverage is essential for preventing soil erosion and stripping soil nutrients from the yard. Uniform coverage means each plant and patch of grass only receives the water it needs, so yards don’t dry out or yellow from overwatering. Homeowners can also go green with this technology because it prevents excess soil runoff from occurring. This is especially important for homeowners that like to fertilize their yard or lay insecticide down. A high volume of soil runoff can carry away these chemicals and wash them into sewage drains. This can cause pollution to leech into lakes and streams near the home. In short, homes with a Prime Lawn smart rotor are doing their part to protect the environment.

Perhaps the most convenient thing about Prime Lawn’s smart rotor technology is its ability to be customized to each situation
. Every homeowner knows the frustration of having to change out a spray head over and over, just to ensure every plant gets watered. This naturally wastes more water, especially if the homeowner forgets to adjust the spray head. Prime’s smart rotors can be calibrated to produce a huge number of spray patterns, including adjustable radiuses and arcs. They can also be set to cover anything from eight to 30 feet, so a yard of any size and shape can benefit from a Prime Lawn installation.

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