The Most Important Elements Of Building A Koi Pond

Find Help With Building A Koi Pond From A Landscaping CompanyBuilding a koi pond is not as simple as digging out a hole, filling it with water and placing fish in it. It’s a complicated process that shouldn’t be attempted by an amateur, or it may result in a pool full of sick or dead fish. Setting up one of these water features means creating the perfect aquatic environment. The pool has to offer enough space for the fish to swim comfortably. The water needs to be kept clean and within certain temperatures and the pond has to be protected from predators. If any of these requirements go unmet, it can mean thousands of dollars lost in fish.
What are the most important elements of building a koi pond?

Before breaking the shovels out, it’s important to determine the size of the feature and what filtration will be necessary. The rule of thumb for the standard hobbyist is a feature about 25 feet in length, 13 feet in width and around four feet in depth. This size can easily handle up to 20 fish in comfort, which is considered by many experts to be aesthetically optimal.

Drainage and filtration are also crucial. These fish are hardy and can handle temperature swings, pests and most microbial threats, but if the water is not clean, it will weaken them to the point of disease. Experts like those at Prime Lawn will focus much of their efforts on erecting a comprehensive drainage and filtration system to ensure this doesn’t happen. Most experts consider simple gravity fed bottom drains to be the best choice because they don’t churn up and spread waste. This makes waste extraction much easier. The drainage system should continuously run to prevent waste backup and growth of anaerobic bacteria. Most features require one or two drains only, though each drain should be connected to its own filtration system.

A filtration system usually consists of a settling chamber, mechanical filtering media and biological waste processing. The settling chamber pulls the heaviest solids out of the water and directs it into waste plumbing. Mechanical media consists of a sturdy core (often stainless steel) and a series of brushes to trap small particles. Regular cleaning ensures the media remains effective. Biological processing consists of helpful bacteria that consume problem chemicals like nitrite or ammonia. Only experienced professionals are equipped to make a hospitable environment for helpful bacteria as it is a highly delicate process.

How can Prime Lawn help with building a koi pond?

Prime Lawn can help with every step of the installation process, including:

  • Excavating the space for the water features
  • Shaping it so that it looks natural
  • Finding the ideal spot for the feature, taking into account drainage and visibility
  • Placing the liner
  • Setting up plumbing, filtration and drainage systems
  • Integrating landscaping or other water features (like waterfalls) into the pond
  • Verify the feature is ready for fish
  • Stock the feature with fish
  • Help with routine maintenance to safeguard the health of the fish and feature

Constructing one of these features can be a daunting task, but Prime Lawn will ensure it is set up right the first time

This article was published on Tuesday 08 July, 2014.

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