The Most Popular Types Of Outdoor Water Features

Different Types Of Outdoor Water Features For YardsOutdoor water features are one of the most commonly used formations that improve the curb appeal of a home. Whether placed in the front yard or back yard, they can add a touch of beauty and tranquility that draws people in. They can also be made to nearly any specification, from small accent fountains to sprawling ponds that take up the entire yard. With so many options available, there is a pond, fountain or waterfall for every home.

What are some popular outdoor water features for the front yard?

The front yard is where every house makes its first impression, so the best installations are those that have a unique look to them. In general, large ponds are not placed in the front yard, as they are better suited in areas that offer more privacy and solitude. However, accent ponds are an excellent choice for the front and can be installed in a variety of styles, arrangements and sizes. Many homeowners like placing a small koi pond in the front, usually surrounded by colorful landscaping. The koi can provide an interesting mix of motion and color, greeting visitors as they walk up to the front door.

Ponds can also be designed to match the aesthetics of contemporary homes. Instead of a curvy, natural looking installation, these are strong, geometrically designed ponds. For example, a series of small square or rectangular ponds can be arranged symmetrically on either side of the walkway leading to the front door. This kind of installation can make a huge visual impact and will help the home stand out.

Fountains are also an extremely popular choice, as they take up a small footprint and can be built in a number of beautiful designs
. Classical or Baroque fountains adorned with intricate sculpture work or etchings can look like something right out of Rome and will turn a mundane front yard into an enchanting space. When coupled with delicate landscaping and hardscaping, a fountain in the front yard can be the centerpiece in a visually stunning yard design.

What outdoor water features are commonly installed in the back yard?

Ponds, fountains and waterfalls are all popular choices for the backyard as well but are often scaled up in size. Ponds are often much larger when built in the back yard and are frequently built with a natural look. Koi ponds are also popular for this reason.

Fountains and waterfalls can be combined with ponds to create a combination of exotic sights and sounds. They are also natural pairings with ponds as they keep the water circulating, preventing insects from swarming around the surface and slowing algae growth. They are also ideal for sitting or entertaining areas as they can provide a nice ambiance to the conversation.

When installed by professionals, fountains, waterfalls and ponds can bring the power and grace of water to the home.

This article was published on Tuesday 17 June, 2014.

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