Three Simple And Affordable Patio Landscaping Ideas

Patio Landscaping Ideas That Are Affordable And SimpleHouseholds that are tight on space can still benefit from beautiful and unique patio landscaping ideas. A small space can have as much personality, if not more, than a large open area. It is easy to cover-up small flaws or imperfections, and problem areas can blend into the design. The ordinary is made extraordinary.  The cost savings make it simple to fit any budget.

Imagine a yard that makes you the envy of the neighborhood with a beautiful lawn, and an exquisitely decorated space full of character. The backyard takes on a life of its own. Possibilities are limited only by the imagination, and it all starts with contacting a qualified landscape designer.

Here are a few simple and affordable patio landscaping ideas to get you started

The Personal Retreat

Start with a slate circle. There are various styles of slate, and it is a versatile material for designing. Try to match the slate to the furniture for an added burst of style. Measure out an eight foot diameter circle for the slate. With a small pathway to the slate circle, people can easily get to and from the rest of the property. Surround the slate circle with a variety of lush bushes and foliage for added privacy. Add a couple chairs and a table. This instant personal retreat is affordable, takes up very little space, and offers relaxation with a favorite book at the end of a busy day.

The Winter Patio Haven

Just because the weather is cooling down doesn't mean people cannot enjoy their outdoor space. In fact, winter is the perfect time to enjoy an outdoor space with a fireplace or fire pit. A covered area is easily protected from ice and snow, and a decorative fireplace adds some needed warmth. Incorporate some favorite decorations or candles to add ambiance. Place a few potted outdoor plants in the area to enjoy the greenery. The right furniture makes it easy to relax and stay warm while enjoying the winter setting.

The Patchwork Rug

An outdoor space is perfect to replace those tired, dingy lawns. One idea that is both attractive and affordable is to lay down a patchwork of stained concrete tiles. The look is similar to an ordinary patchwork rug, but when used outdoors, it gives something extra to those small areas. Potted plants are perfect because they offer all of the benefits of foliage and greenery, but they are easily moved around or taken indoors. With a nice furniture set the patchwork of stained concrete makes an attractive idea for budget-minded people, or for people that want simplistic elegance.

There is something special about simple patio landscaping. Ideas range in design and cost to guarantee anyone can have a personal space without breaking the bank. Small areas can be as unique as large spaces with a little bit of thought and planning. Of course, everything begins with taking that first step. Let the imagination run free, and the find a qualified professional, like those at Prime Lawn, to turn those dreams into reality.

This article was published on Tuesday 01 July, 2014.

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