Water Gardens

What Are Water Gardens and Landscaping DesignWhat kind of attractiveness will water gardens bring to a home or building? How are they set up? Is there a large amount of maintenance involved, and what type of different features are there to choose from? Many clients wish to have a stunning backyard that is relaxing, practical, and also pleasing to the eye. In today’s society, craftier ideas are all around us and new inventions are being installed in the front and backyards of homes. Many families choose to have ponds, fountains, or even create rivers that run through their land. These water elements can create a relaxing and breathtaking view for any homeowner.

How are water gardens set up for a home? A garden is created using not only flowers, but also flowing streams. Rivers can be created, ponds can be installed, and flowing waterfalls can be cascading over any hilly area. The first step to making this creation possible is deciding on how large the aqua space must be. This is very important because this can determine how many accents are included along with how expensive installation may be. An easy way to visualize the proper size is by roping off an area that would be the same size as the garden installation.

These landscapes are installed much in the same way as a fish pond. A forty five millimeter EPDM crack proof liner is placed at the base of the pond, river or stream stopping any seepage of liquids or bacteria into the ground. This is followed by an underlayment which is a needle-punched padding that provides cushion for the vertical shelves that accompany water gardens. A skimmer is place on one end of the aqua scape which assists with maintenance by continuously removing debris. This is then attached to a pump that returns any liquid back to the start of the pond or stream. Rocks, gravel, plants, fish, and vegetation can be added for decoration and also for cleanliness.

How much do water gardens typically cost and what other features may also be installed? These landscaping additions can be compared to installing a hot tub. This can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars for a normal addition up to around ten thousand dollars depending on the size of unit being installed. However, once installed, these gardens require almost no maintenance, no chemicals for cleanliness, no testing kits, and will overall increase the value of a home’s exterior.

Other units such as waterfalls, koi ponds, and fountains can also be put in to create a relaxing atmosphere at home
. Rocks and boulders can be constructed to create a cascading effect. Koi ponds are popular because the fish that are used can create such a lovely color and vibrancy to an outdoor area. Fountains are also popular because they can produce a vivid focal point, while adding the relaxing sound of water movement. Whichever type of unit is picked, each adds their own sense of relaxation and beauty to a home.

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